Kazimir Avira

Le Flambeur

Zalera (Crystal)

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Race / Ethnie / Sexe

Hélion / ♂

Date de naissance

31e soleil de la 2e lune ombrale


Nald'thal, les Marchands

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Coups nets147

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Défense magique109

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Magie offensive35
Magie curative70



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name: Kazimir (Kaz) Avira
race: Hrothgar (Helion)
gender: Male
pronouns: He • His
age: 32 Years
nameday: 31st Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
residence: Martrvje, Bozja (Former) • Ul’dah (Current)
guardian: Agnostic • Nald’Thal, the Traders

personality traits: When Kazimir sets his mind to something, he follows through no matter what gets in his way. Kazimir asks a lot of questions.
personality type: INTP-A • Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving • The Assertive Logician
demeanor: Kazimir presents himself as a gentle giant. He tries to be caring, open-minded, relaxed, and logical about every situation. He will ask questions; he doesn’t do this because he is distrustful, but rather because he wants to learn and understand as much as he can about any situation. Furthermore, Kazimir attempts to hide his emotions and can be secretive about his past. If anyone asks, he will only speak of what has happened since he arrived in Thanalan.

backstory: Kazimir was born in the port city of Martrvje, Bozja in service to his clan’s queen, Vira. His father, a sellsword for the Southern Ilsabard Trading Company, trained him at an early age to be a fighter. When he was of age, he joined the army of the Garlean Empire. He enjoyed his time in the army for the first few years. After those few years, however, he learned just how bloodthirsty the Garlean Empire was in their conquest. His captain would order his unit to pillage villages that were resisting the Empire, even if the resistance was in the most frivolous ways. The things Kazimir had to do still haunt him to this day.

That isn’t to say there was nothing good that came out of his tour of duty. While enlisted, he met a Miqo’te woman who would become his wife and mother of his child. He used his family as the reason for leaving the army. He instead took up a job as a bodyguard. Most of the time, he was protecting merchants and other wealthy clients who were traveling to Bozja for business.

One of these times, the client paid extra for Kazimir to travel to Radz-at-Han with her while she finished a business deal that was started in Martrvje. When Kazimir returned home, he returned to his village just outside Martrvje proper in ruins. A resistance had formed against the Empire, and the Empire came in to quickly dispose of the rebels and send a message to any other resistance cells thinking about taking action. Kazimir returned home to find his family had died in the battle. The army and the empire he once proudly served has caused him so much pain.

Needing a new start, Kazimir now travels to the great continent of Aldenard, to the city-state of Ul’dah, to begin his new life.

Full biography here
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