Noloic Firer

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Louisoix (Chaos)

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Race / Ethnie / Sexe

Ao Ra
Raen / ♂

Date de naissance

8e soleil de la 1re lune astrale


Althyk, le Contemplateur

Cité de départ


Grande compagnie

L'ordre des Deux Vipères / Sous-lieutenant

Compagnie libre




Attributs offensifs

Coups nets823

Attributs défensifs

Défense magique1609

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Attributs magiques

Magie offensive142
Magie curative258



Niveau 69

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A glass wall.
A deaf echo of joy, resounding in an empty, dark room.
“Is this memory really my own?”

«You... Look like a friend of mine.»
The girl turns to the boy: «Oh, really? How so?»
«You just are very similar... The way you look, the way you-» he stops, realizing something before smiling and saying, slowly: «... Mexnaltow.»

The growing feel of distance.
The burden of guilt.
“I... Don’t belong here.”

«How... How do you know that name, man?» the Lalafell turns to the auri boy, now with his full interest.
«Now I’ve really seen everything... Were you expecting for us?» the Au Ra chuckles, looking at the surprised short fella «Us? ... Wait a moment...» the Lalafell looks the Au Ra closely, then smirks to him: «Do you perchance know Enesha, beast-boy?»

A pain inside the chest.
The cold sting of failure.
“Existence... Is a luxury I can no longer afford.”

«Of all people, I had to stumble upon you three once again... I mean, how many chances were there anyway?!» the elezen girl sighs, shaking her head while Noloic replies: «You’re telling us... Nonetheless, I think you’re finally home... Aren’t you, Alis?»

“You’re not alone. You’ve never been.”
“We’re with you. ‘Till the end.”

Noloic gazes upon the night sky once again, lost in thoughts. The elezen girl, leaning on his back, notices the unnatural silence and speaks: «What’s up now?» «... Nothing.» Alis nudges Noloic’s back, disappointed, and the boy, blushing, finally talks: «I-it’s just... I mean... It’s... I still can’t believe this.» «Understandable. But hey, know what? I don’t personally dislike this new life of ours!» another unnatural silence. «... What’s wrong, Nol? You’re... More off than usual. Are you alright?» «... Yes... Yes, I... Am fine...» the boy lays his forehead on the knees.

“Why can’t you realize? We all know the truth, and we all know what’s best for everyone. Why do you interfere?"

«“I won’t let you go again”. Do you remember, Nol?» the girl shows a void, sad smile holding his hands while the boy, with a grievous expression, looks down: «... I do...» Noloic rattles, clenching his teeth trying not to cry, but Enesha notices it and sheds a tear herself while finally hugging him tight: «It’s fine now... Everything... Everything’s gonna be alright...»

When the losses outweigh the gains, only guilt awaits at the end of the road.
The harsh lesson carved in his soul, the burning desire driving his deeds.

«This time...»
The three friends keep walking, without noticing the auri boy having stopped behind them.
«... I will make things right. I will grant them... The future they deserve.» Noloic raises his head to the sky, watching at the clouds passing by, lost in thoughts.
The boy finally smiles while closing his eyes: «And we shall walk this road together... Once again.» Enesha notices the friend behind them and calls him, waving, while the boy, seeing her, starts walking again with renewed determination: «Stronger in successes and failures alike.»
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