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Get Heavensward Free for a Limited Time

For a limited time, Warriors of Light will be able to add the award-winning Heavensward expansion pack to their account for free! This is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of the adventures that await in Stormblood and the upcoming Shadowbringers!

Campaign Schedule

May 2, 2019 through June 27, 2019
* Exact launch and end timing may differ slightly per platform

During the campaign period, users will be able to add Heavensward to their account for free by obtaining it from the appropriate storefronts below. Once redeemed, Heavensward will remain on your account and will not be removed after the campaign ends.

How to Redeem

Follow the links below to visit your platform of choice to redeem the Heavensward offer.

Windows PC / MacOS

  • Visit the Square Enix Store.
  • Add the free expansion to your shopping cart and complete the checkout process. Your 20-digit registration code will be sent to your store account e-mail, and will also be available inside your account’s order history.
  • Once you have your 20-digit registration code, visit the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station and log into your account.
  • Select the service account you wish to redeem Heavensward on and choose the “Enter Expansion Registration Code” option. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your registration!

* The Windows PC version of Heavensward cannot be registered to FINAL FANTASY XIV (Steam) accounts. 

PlayStation 4

  • Visit PlayStation Store.
  • Add the free expansion to your cart and complete the checkout process.
  • Launch FINAL FANTASY XIV Online from the home screen.
  • You will be prompted to tie the Heavensward expansion to an existing service account. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and you’re all set!

Free Login Campaign & Callback Campaign

Both the Free Login Campaign and the Callback Campaign are in full swing during this promotion as well! If you have friends that have been taking a break and are on the cusp of journeying through Ishgard, then this is the perfect chance to invite them back to the game!

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