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Party Finder Update

With the release of patch 3.5, the Party Finder will be expanded to allow players to search for parties across all Worlds on the same data center.

An option to form private parties will also be available for those looking to play with friends on the same World or a different one.

Cross-world Parties

Players will now be able to recruit characters from any of these Worlds and form cross-world parties. Players will be able to use the party chat and register for duties in cross-world parties, as they would normally.

The following features can be used while participating in a cross-world party:

  • Party chat
  • Registering for the Duty Finder
  • Registering for the Raid Finder
  • Ready Check

The following features cannot be used while participating in a cross-world party:

  • Forming alliances
  • Registering for custom matches
  • The Sort Party List function
  • Actions and functions such as Protect and Teleport Offer, which affect any nearby party members.

Private Parties

Those who wish to form a private party will be able to set a four-character password when sending out a party invite.
This feature can also be used with cross-world parties to invite friends residing on a different World.

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