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The Feast Season Fourteen Underway!

We are proud to announce the fourteenth season of the Feast has begun!

Ready your weapons, and prepare to fight your fellow adventurers’ fang and claw to climb up the rankings. Then, when the dust settles at the season’s end, players will be rewarded for placement in the bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond tiers, with exclusive prizes for top-ranking players!

In answer to demand from you─our players─this latest season of the Feast has begun ahead of the release of Patch 5.2. As a result of this change in schedule, the adjustments did not make it in time; therefore, the rewards for the fourteenth season are different.

* Wolf Collars will not be available during this season.
* No changes have been made to titles, trophies, or rank rewards.

Learn more about the Feast rankings and rewards.

* Starting tiers and ratings for the season will be determined by player tiers at the end of the pre-season.

Learn more about the Feast tiers and ratings.

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