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Announcing the 14 Days of FFXIV Screenshot Challenge!

We’re inspired by the outpouring of support that adventurers show FFXIV on social media each and every day. As such, we’re pleased to present the 14 Days of FFXIV screenshot challenge to encourage more players to join the fun! We’ll be posing a different question from June 1st to June 14th via the official Twitter account and looking for players to answer each one with their own screenshot using the #XIV14Days hashtag.

FFXIV team members across the world will be taking part in the challenge too, so keep an eye on the official Twitter accounts! We can’t wait to see all the interesting answers!

Challenge Period:

June 1, 2017 to June 14, 2017


The official FINAL FANTASY XIV Twitter account

General Tips:

  • We suggest including the day of the challenge along with your screenshot and reply! For example: Day 3: My favorite NPC is Lewena! #XIV14Days
  • Hiding or turning off the User Interface will help put the focus on your subject.
  • The group pose (/gpose) feature can add a lot to your image! Give it a whirl to see the wide range of effects and features that are available to make your screenshot shine!

Please Note:

  • Please avoid posting character names of other players
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