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Addition of New North American Logical Data Centre and Worlds

As we revealed in January in the “Regarding the Expansion of FFXIV’s Operations” announcement, we are planning a large-scale two-phase expansion of the North American Data Centre.

Originally, the first phase scheduled to take place in August 2022 had been postponed due to delays in the delivery of the necessary equipment. However, we are pleased to announce that the data centre expansion is now scheduled for Tuesday, 1 November 2022 alongside the maintenance for Patch 6.28. In this first phase of the expansion, one new logical data centre will be established with four new Worlds added under it.

North American Logical Data Centre

  • Dynamis

New Worlds on the Dynamis Data Centre

  • Halicarnassus
  • Maduin
  • Marilith
  • Seraph

Creating a new character on, or transferring to, newly established Worlds will grant the bonuses detailed on the Home World Transfer Service and World Population Balancing Incentives page.

The residential districts on the new Worlds will be unavailable at launch and are scheduled to open for lottery sales beginning Friday, 4 November (GMT) / Saturday, 5 November (AEDT). Further details will be announced later.
* The start date for lottery sales has been updated on 25 October.

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