[Important]Temporary Suspension of Automatic Housing Demolition

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the congestion since the start of Early Access for Endwalker.
Due to the difficulties in logging into the game, we have decided to temporarily suspend the automatic housing demolition.
Please see below for details.

Date and Time Auto-Demolition Counter Will be Suspended:
Dec. 6, 2021 6:45 (GMT)

Worlds in Which Auto-Demolition Will Be Suspended: All Worlds

* After the above date and time, the counter will stop completely.
* If your estate or land is currently being prepared for auto-demolition, you can cancel this status by entering your estate or constructing an estate on your land.
* When the Auto-Demolition Counter resumes it will resume from the time remaining as of the temporary suspension. (Excludes estates/lands where the demolition process has been cancelled.)

As for when auto-demolition will resume, we will monitor the situation in the coming days and inform you all when we have come to a decision that auto-demolition can commence again.

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