Current Known Issues With The Collaboration Event A Nocturne for Heroes (Sep. 14)

We have confirmed the following issue with the FINAL FANTASY XV collaboration event, A Nocturne for Heroes.

[Current Known Issue]

■ In the seasonal event quest , In the Dark of Night, if the boss is defeated while switching attack phases, in rare cases, the quest instance will not end and thus prevent event progression.

We have investigated this issue and found that the program that is causing the issue is very complex and would take a considerable amount of time to resolve.
As a result, we have determined that it would be difficult to fix the issue within the timeframe of the collaboration event.

If you encounter this issue during the quest instance battle for In the Dark of Night, please logout or wait until the time limit forces you out of the contents area before attempting to restart the quest instance battle again.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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