[Important]Precautions for Guarding Against Unauthorized Account Access

We are currently experiencing an attack by a third party that is attempting to gain access to the Square Enix Account Management System by using a combination of email addresses and passwords that appear to have been obtained from other online services of other companies.
* As a reminder, the Square Enix Account Management System allows users to log in using their registered email address. (

Using the same email address and password combination for your Square Enix account as you do for other online services increases the possibility of a third party gaining unauthorized access to your Square Enix account. Furthermore, even if your email address and password combination is not identical to those used for other services, there is still a high risk of your account being compromised if your password contains easily discernible patterns or sequences of characters, such as your date of birth.

Should you happen to be using the same email address and password combination on your Square Enix account as you do for another service, or if you are using a password that can be easily guessed, we strongly recommend changing your password immediately.

■ Resetting your Square Enix Password
We are currently mitigating the effect of the attack by restricting access to accounts that we believe may have been compromised by unauthorized users. If your Square Enix account login has been restricted, an email will be sent to the email address registered to your Square Enix account with instructions on resetting your password.

* Learn more about login restrictions:

■ One-Time Passwords
One-Time Passwords are temporary verifications which authenticate a user for a single login, making them highly effective against spyware such as keyloggers. We strongly recommend the use of One-Time Passwords in conjunction with your login ID and password for increased security against unauthorized access. A free software token app is available for smartphones (iPhone and Android).

* Learn more about One-Time Passwords:

Should we continue to experience rising numbers of unauthorized access attempts, a password reset for all Square Enix accounts may be initiated. We would like to remind all users to be mindful of their account security in order to protect personal information and data.

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