Regarding Field Instances with Release of Patch 5.3

In order to make the gameplay as smooth as possible for the players, we will be implementing tentative measures for congestion relief and load reduction with the release of Patch 5.3.

A Field Instance is one of many copies of an area that you can travel to when changing areas.

These instances will be distinguished with a number at the end of the area name, such as "Lakeland 1", "Lakeland 2", "Lakeland 3", and so on. Each Field Instance will be the complete area, albeit separate copies.

■How to Choose a Field Instance
When changing areas on foot or by mount to one of the areas listed above, a window will appear that will let you select which instance you wish to travel to.

When using Teleport/Return, a Field Instance will be chosen at random. You can check which Field Instance you entered by checking your Chat Log or using the "/instance" command.

■Restrictions in Field Instances
Characters in different Field Instances of the same area will be able to send Tells to one another, but will not be able to see each other.

■Entering the Same Field Instance as a Party Unfortunately, if a party enters an area via Teleport/Return, they may not enter the same Field Instance. You will need to enter the area by foot or mount and select the same Field Instance number to ensure that you stay together.
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