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Evilforce KittyroarAdamantoise [Aether]

We just had to boot a member out of the Fc . He was asking questions. About why some of our drawers we picked like our expensive mats and the gil . When one of our officers asked what he wanted in the chest. He said nvm. Not sure if he. Wanted to rob the chest or not . But was real suspicious . The officer offered to give him what he wanted from the chest.
He. Said you don't trust FC members after. Having out FC cleaned out a few. Years ago by an FC hopper who rob us and couple of other fcs . Fcs got together and decided to lock down drawers on the chest who had expensive items and gil .
So just a heads up and watch your chest carefully
As far as trusting FC members. It's not so much as we dont trust it more. We. Are cautious when we put new members in the Fc . As you move up the ranks you gain more privileges to various drawers on the Fc. How ever only master and officers will ever have permissions to get. Into the gil .
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