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Recrutement - Cushy Raiders

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#Contenu difficile
#Travailleurs bienvenus

Trying to build a group of like minded, raiding individuals, to do some raiding over the weekends, currently have 2 tanks (but 1 can switch to healer). We are looking to recruit the minimum following people

1 tank / or healer
4 DPS classes (2 melee and 2 ranged)

Happy to have more people join the linkshell and can swap people in and out as required by their work schedule.

It will generally be a 2 day raiding time schedule to be agreed with the group but looking at the following options

Friday + Saturday
Friday + Sunday
Saturday + Sunday

Hours would be 20:00 to 22:00 server time due to work commitments etc.

We are hoping to find a group who would like to be challenged by the games harder content and have fun and hang out whilst getting some great loot and gear :)

I have created a cross-world link shell to allow people to join, chat and do some content!

Please have a microphone and be willing to join a discord chat channel for call-outs etc. A good understanding of English will be required. You will also need to have a character at level 80, with an ilevel of 500

Hope to speak with you soon!

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Membre du groupe

Nanasi NasiOdin (Light)

FC leader on Odin, a free company catering for more casual players of FFXIV but want to also be able to progress with content, help with levelling, doing raiding and other fun content in this awesome game :)



Alexius CalimborShiva (Light)

I wanna help you guys doing fun content in the game and help in some way! I'm Alexius Calimbor (on ffxiv) an AST level 80 iLvl 502 ( and more on the way XD). How can I join your linkshell to be able to help?


Tatiana MishLich (Light)

Hello, the timing is perfect and the enviroment sounds exactly what im looking for.Send me a msg or invite to cwls, for more details!Thank you


Eilei TulianaTwintania (Light)

Hey! I'd love to help you guys out with raiding. I main DNC (iLvl 503) but can also try another class if needed :D


Seifer DarkbloodPhoenix (Light)

Hi. I am intrested in joining. I have Mostly every DPS and Healer at iLvl 510 overmelded. I Main Ninja, Black Mage, Monk, Scholar and White mage. I can also be Dark knight ilvl 510 as well if a tank is needed for various things =) Give me an invite if i could help you guys at all


Shikai Von-dematZodiark (Light)

Hey, i'm a WHM main, iLVL above 500, looking to start clearing savage raids :)
I have little to no experience but i'm looking forward to improve. I'm fluent in english and i can listen to calls in Discord. Contact me on Discord if i'm not logged in to ffxiv : Shikai#0025

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Wild FighterOdin (Light)

hello there, if you are still taking applications i would be love to join your team. my main is WAR.could also play Drg, SAM.


Jurkal LightbringerZodiark (Light)

Hi :) if you still open to invites would like to join. Have all tanks to level 80 but main DRK. I play on Zodiark.


Bea EzraTwintania (Light)

Hi, are you guys still recruiting? I'm interested in joining. I have a tank, healer and DPS at level 80 and am happy to play either one of these when needed.


Melody GrassvalleyOdin (Light)

Hello, are you still recruiting? I'm interested to join you guys, I'm main bard ilv 506 at lv 80. I have no experience on savage but i willing to learn it.

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Holo AsteriaTwintania (Light)

Hello are you still recruiting ? I’m main heal and I’v cleared E9s-10s. I’m interested in to join your static. =)


I'datih OscareShiva (Light)

Hi, still recruiting? im tank main warrior and im interested in joining the cwls

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Amari NerzaShiva (Light)

Hi, if you are still recruiting id like to join. I currently swap between GNB(521), SAM(513) and MCH(510) i'd love to get the experience in E9S-E12S and hopefully for Future Savage in Endwalkers.


Aomine IshvalenOdin (Light)

520 DRG im down


Glanmor KhanOdin (Light)

Hey mate, PLD/SAM looking for a static if your still recruiting Llewellyn#7502 is my Discord if you wanna find me there for a chat :)


Caelum HyeZodiark (Light)

Hey, BLM looking for a static, ahh my discord is caelum.#3477 , thank you


Leo TacosShiva (Light)

Hello !
it may be too late to ask! But I would like to join your group, I am motivated.

I play WHM / SCH (526) and if i have no choice BLM (523) _

Im really looking for the challenge and having fun because i'm a bit bored. i'm a french guy but i understand well the language ! ( even if sometime i'm a bit slow xd) and i have à microphone for joining discord chat channel for call < le tacos#8747 > ! i'll be happy to give my soul xD

In any case have a good day !


Athae DinraskPhoenix (Light)

Hello! I am interested in joining :)

I mostly play SAM (510) but I can get gear for RDM as well if needed.

I have no experience in Savage content but I'm eager to learn and improve, while having fun. I am friendly (although a bit mic shy) with great understanding of English even though it's not my primary language.

You can message me whenever you'd like at Jonnyolsen1#8358 ^^


Minami AkamePhoenix (Light)

Hello there. Im interested in joining.
Im a AST main (currently ilvl 520)[ my WHM is ilvl 514 so if someone wanna play AST i can also switch to that ] and wanna start to learn savage content.
ive no fear in joining DC calls for communication so just hmu if u interested : [BSW] Lers135#0135


Lilyana WildbornLich (Light)

Sounds like that's something I'm looking for. I main AST but I don't have any prefered roles for content clearing so I'll get whatever is needed ready. So if you are still looking for more members hit me up.
Discord name: Mr.WhitePenguin#6708


Itariel SarumanLich (Light)

Hi, I'm intressted in joining.
Im a WHM main my ilvl is curently 524. I am new to raiding though. DPS is also possible
My discord is Itariel#1579

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Bodjo LexOdin (Light)

Hi, this sound interesting how can I join?


Loikona Shi'vantiZodiark (Light)

Hi I'm a fairly fresh player to the game looking to get into more high end raiding. Discord is Echos#4685

So far I'm interested in either tanking or healing mainly. Gearing up paladin and white mage first.


Dawn RedharpLich (Light)

Hey havent raided in FFXIV since early HW days, just played casually since, looking to get back into it. Have a 521 WAR/GNB, 516 NIN and a 510 BLM i could work on.


Niyoko SanTwintania (Light)

Hey. i would love to join , i play tank , but can only play Saturday + Sunday if that is what you go for


Lokaan SanguineOdin (Light)

I'm down for this! I'm a ilvl 518 tank and rising. Hoping to jump on the recent savage raids as well as ultimates! Where do I sign up?


Akai SenshiOdin (Light)

Heya I'm looking for a static for savage raiding primarily if you guys are still recruiting.


Dante KetsuekiShiva (Light)

Dragoon (il530) looking to do some endgame stuff!


Pishu AmariyoOdin (Light)

If you still need a ranged dps I would like to join. currently Ilvl 521 MCH.


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