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  • Qu'est-ce qu'une compagnie libre ?

    Les compagnies libres sont des groupes que les joueurs d'un même Monde peuvent rejoindre.

    Les joueurs qui font partie d'une compagnie libre (CL) peuvent par exemple discuter tous ensemble sur un canal de discussion privé ou acheter une maison de compagnie libre. Ils peuvent aussi utiliser des "bienfaits", des actions spéciales qui leur sont réservées et permettent entre autres d'augmenter l'expérience reçue pour tous les membres pendant un certain temps.

    Les compagnies libres sont chacune aussi différentes que les membres qui la composent. Choisissez celle qui s'aligne le mieux avec votre style de jeu !

  • Que sont les linkshells et les linkshells inter-Monde ?

    Les linkshells sont des canaux de discussion privés destinés aux joueurs qui partagent le même objectif.

    On les appelle plus couramment LS et LSIM. Elles permettent de discuter sur un canal privé avec les autres membres. Contrairement aux compagnies libres, les joueurs peuvent rejoindre plusieurs linkshells. Vous pouvez donc par exemple faire partie d'une linkshell pour les contrats de chasse et d'une autre pour la pêche.

    Rejoignez les linkshells en rapport avec vos activités préférées !

    Linkshells (LS) : seuls les joueurs d'un même Monde peuvent les rejoindre.
    Linkshells inter-Monde (LSIM) : tous les joueurs d'un même centre de traitement de données peuvent les rejoindre, peu importe leur Monde d'origine.
  • Qu'est-ce qu'une équipe JcJ ?

    Les équipes JcJ (Joueur contre Joueur) sont des équipes spécialement formées pour des affrontements entre joueurs.

    Trouvez l'équipe la plus adaptée pour vous, entraînez-vous ensemble et visez le haut du classement !

    Mode JcJ : toutes missions où le but est de combattre d'autres joueurs.
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Recrutement - Chillax & Vibe!



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#Étudiants bienvenus
#Travailleurs bienvenus
#Débutants bienvenus
#Jeu détendu
No gimmicks. No pressure. No commitments. No BS.No events. Do your own thing and what makes you most comfortable. Anti-social? So are we. Super sensitive and easily butt hurt? We're not for you. There's other FC's for that.
You don't have to speak if you don't want to. Lurking is 100000% fine.

We're a bunch of weird 80's/90's babies hanging out. We grew up when times were normal. Yes, we miss the 70's, 80's, 90's and early to mid 2000's. We're in our 30-40-50's+ We have families. We're "Xennials".

Currently looking for night owls and insomniacs! OCE/EU/JP players very much so welcome!

We've been going strong since Nov.1st 2022! (Since Dynamis opened) No major changes in personnel or leadership. We love our cozy server.

We play other games also to prevent XIV BURNOUT. So don't be shocked if we're not always online! XIV isn't the only game out there.

Most of our recruitment is via Community Finder; we don't teleport everywhere spamming the piss chat with recruitment ads or advertise in PF (Only for the Venue tho!!!). Keep your expectations very low, we don't do anything here lol. It's quiet. We just hangout & shoot the shit.

Non-committal FC, leave/join as you please. You don't owe anyone anything, in the case we miss you when you leave - it won't hurt anyone's feelings. But GL & thank you for staying with us! We're just an older gaming group that couldn't be bothered with anything else. Besides RL > game. Life priorities first and foremost!

Look at other FC's if you need a more busy-body environment, as we may not provide that "constant active feeling" that you might be seeking. Why Rini? Well, because we have families and careers that comes first.
We're OLD,we have social batteries that probably deplete super quick. We're everything you don't want in an FC.

Please visit our FC home if you'd like in Goblet W3 P19! @Brimming Heart!!

Thank you for visiting our page!

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Japonais / Anglais / Allemand / Français


Shirogane, secteur 25, parcelle 16 [Grand]

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Membre du groupe

Rini Rini Seraph [Dynamis]

In all seriousness, we are a quiet, older group of gamers. Parents, hardworking blue-collar, military veterans/retirees, teachers, providers, work-from home etc! There’s no catch to joining, chill with us if you’d like! We’re just here to play the game. You don’t have to stay if you don’t want, but you’re always welcome back. Find me in game Gridania usually....


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Membre du groupe Solanum Sunless Seraph [Dynamis]

Hi, I've been playing FFXIV for a couple of years now, and I'm starting to want a chill FC to say hi to when I log in. Seems like you guys might fit the bill. Think I could get an invite?


Membre du groupe Rini Rini Seraph [Dynamis]

Oh hi Solanum o/ sorry I missed your message, and absolutely! Just message me when you hop online. So sorry for the late reply btw!

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Membre du groupe Matthias Cronqvist Seraph [Dynamis]

Looking for a group to help my sister and I though content. Due to our work hours, it's almost impossible to find anyone through matchmaking. Are you excepting new members?


Membre du groupe Rhy Yomi Seraph [Dynamis]

I've been playing since ARR on and off and I've only joined 2 FC's. I like flying solo, but this sounds like an FC that is right up my alley. I am an 80's baby (89 XD) and am pretty casual. Love stealing glam's! I would love to have an FC to chill with and shoot the shit. Thanks!


Peanutt Arbuckle Seraph [Dynamis]

Hi! I'm a somewhat experienced MMO player who got into FFXIV about 200 hours ago. I'm looking for a guild that has active and friendly members who may be able to help me with leveling and MSQ, I would also like to be involved in a community in general. I play pretty regularly because I do stream on and would love to create content along side some fellow guild members. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Membre du groupe Rini Rini Seraph [Dynamis]

Hey Peanutt, thanks for hitting us up. Sorry I just got back to you but your intentions of streaming with us may not be the best idea. It'll probably end up being very dry content as we hop on, do our thing, log-off lol. There are several FC's out there that would probably be much more suited for your needs tho!

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Fuyuko Edakumi Seraph [Dynamis]

Hello! I've been playing solo for quite some time now but I've gotten to the point where I have to find others to play with. After reading the "description", I think this place fits my needs. I play when I have time and I don't necessarily like to chat but will if a good subject comes up. I just want to get the MSQs done (and maybe a few extras) and be on my way. Nothing too fancy. Mind if I join (if/when I can)?


Membre du groupe Rini Rini Seraph [Dynamis]

Absolutely Elara, please find me in Gridania in game! Or just leave an application - I'll get to it when I get off of work!

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Io Asakura Spriggan [Chaos]

In the wake of a woke Eorzea I have been forced to leave my home world and I have been by myself for the past two years. Your FC seems like the good old days, and also a good place for an introverted like me. Do you think you could have me?

(modifié)  -

Membre du groupe Rini Rini Seraph [Dynamis]

Hi Io! Of course we'd love to have ya. I apologize I didn't catch this message sooner. I'm always online in Gridania if you need to find me!

Les sauts de ligne comptent comme un caractère.

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Membre du groupe Axel Webb Seraph [Dynamis]

I couldn't find ya'. I'm new but I'm sure I did the message correctly.


Membre du groupe Auroli Ambershine Seraph [Dynamis]

Hello! I am returning player that is starting fresh from the beggining. I am very interested in the company and would like to apply because I have an extremely irregular schedule that limits my playtime considerably, but would still like to share experiences and memories with people whenever possible. Thank you for your time!.


Aldaron Ohtar Moogle [Chaos]

hello :D Are you still recruiting?
I am an EU player, who comes from France and I would like to know if you are recruited (I come to the American servers to learn English) you understood I am not good in English and this is to know If it does not bother you ?


Dzeik Wolvrik Seraph [Dynamis]

Old cranky man been playing off and on since 2010. Transfered from cactuar and lfg to hang with for dawntrail.


Membre du groupe Annaara Tala Seraph [Dynamis]

Hey there, husband and I are both USAF vets, later 30's and parents. This FC sounds perfect for us. We're pretty casual with FFXIV but also cycle through a variety of other games.


Membre du groupe Dario Thehungry Seraph [Dynamis]

Active Duty Army guy here interesting in joining. New to FFXIV and new to MMOs. Once I figure how to find homes I'll stop by.


Mystarria Silverleaf Seraph [Dynamis]

Returning player lookinf for a refresher and new friends


Argen Eve Seraph [Dynamis]

Hello, I would like to join your FC, I am a perfect match, 50 yrs old guy, FFXiV lover, returning to casual play the game


Mystarria Silverleaf Seraph [Dynamis]



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