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Compagnie libre

Recrutement - Wu-Tai Clan



Heures d'activité
En semaine
18:00 2:00
12:00 2:00
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#Débutants bienvenus
#Carte aux trésors
#Joueurs sociaux
#Événements joueurs
From the slums of Shaolin
Wu-Tai Clan strikes again!

Wu-Tai Clan is a gaming community spanning across several games and has made its way to FFXIV. Meaning that contrary to popular belief, we are not named after the Wutai nation from FFVII. Its just a funny coincidence. Our name actually comes from the real life sacred Buddhist site Mount Wutai (五台山 Wǔtáishān) in China.

The name structure and theme of our community is based off of the hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan. Which lends us many phrases to use and write everywhere based off their lyrics and slang. I did this since they are not only my personal favorite band of all time but because I believe a uniform identity and homogeneous culture go a long way in keeping a group together. Not to say you need to know anything about them or even music in general. It's just something that makes us unique and stand-out from other Free Companies and might give you a stronger sense of identity and pride. And we're proof of that, as I'll now get to what we do in this game.

We're an active FC that does weekly content ranging from Treasure Maps, Mount Farming, Raids, Eureka, Bozja, Trolling, etc. We have it all and do it all!

Was your previous FC too prudish? Easily offended? Didn't like criticism towards the game? Had a clique you couldn't get into? Had constant drama?
None of these are issues with us! I nip drama in the bud before it starts or escalates and we're very open and welcoming to new members. You will also not be walking on eggshells when chatting with us since we enjoy dark and "edgy" humor but will not tolerate any actual discrimination such as racism, sexism or homophobia. That being said, we still have a few more rules, some of which are: you still have to respect everyone at the end of the day, no inciting heated political/religious arguments and report any issues with my members to me or my officers.

You'll receive a full list of rules and other games we play when you join our Discord server, which is on our company board.

If you think you're ready to enter the 36 chambers then send an application (in-game) or if you have any other questions just reach out to me in-game or on my Discord: the_jza

Parting words of wisdom:
Gil Rules Everything Around Me

Profil du groupe










Empyrée, secteur 2, parcelle 30 [Grand]

Description du logement

Shaolin Slum


Prenez contact avec les membres de ce groupe en vue de le rejoindre !

Profil du recruteur

Membre du groupe

Link BosphoramusCoeurl [Crystal]

Joindre par X

Other FCs are good, but Wu-Tai is the best!



Enyx NaanacCoeurl [Crystal]

Seems, like you guys got a pretty dope community. I would like to join if you'll have me. Just a little background on me despite having played for a couple of years I am still a bit of novice, but very willing to learn.

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Membre du groupe Pink BismuthCoeurl [Crystal]

It's true, Link helped me realize my dream of becoming a pure melee Red Mage through WuTai! And I'm VERlovin' it! ♥


Membre du groupe Brave Sir-robinCoeurl [Crystal]

*This is a recommendation made by a REAL player and does not use paid actors.

Before joining this FC, I was a functioning, contributing member of the FFXIV community. I was running end-game content, running through dailies, and staying on the straight and narrow. Then the FC "recruited" me. Now, I am wearing fewer clothes, petting Lalas more frequently, drinking milk (despite being lactose intolerant), and I gained .57 pounds!

Thanks, Wu-Tai!

(modifié)  -

Hvaren SkywatcherCoeurl [Crystal]

The best neighbors one could ask for aside Pink (♥).


Ping HaiZalera [Crystal]

I never go on my character thats actually in the FC, and you can get free cookies :)

Thanks, WuTai!


-- -- ----

Hey, love the logo and the community sounds cool. Haven't seen your members in game yet, but is there usually a good many people online at once, and do you guys do voice chat and discord stuff a lot?


Kibahri MarqueseGilgamesh [Aether]

Hey there, Saw a shout in game and was interested in joining. I don't see an apply button so I just assume this was how you applied. I have been playing for a few years now and really would like some people to play with. I enjoy the game and play a lot but it's real lonely trying to do anything with a PF group who will leave at the drop of a hat. Moved to this server to play with some local people but none of them play anymore so. No idea what else to put here... and I think I said to much. lol


Miliciti KhiloCoeurl [Crystal]

Hello! I am doing research into finding a new FC for me and my bestie. We are still learning! We love stress free and fun group runs. We love sexy glamour. And we just want a very socially active FC that is not clicky or too caught up in their hi-end content to be bothered. My friend plays from about 12noon til 12am pst. Depending on the day I usually play from 6/7pm til about 2am pst. Do u guys have more than 1 or 2 people active at all times? Thanks in advance!


Sierra DawnnCoeurl [Crystal]

Hello been seeing Wu-Tai on my travels and would love to join. Pretty new to the game, but have been playing a lot lately. I'll try to stop your house and apply.

(modifié)  -

Big IglooCoeurl [Crystal]

I haven't played since ARR launched, and I'm starting all over on a new account. Looking for a laid back group to hang out with and get back into the game! (and a recruitment code to associate my new subscription to). Thanks!

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Sun YataCoeurl [Crystal]

I want to join so I can bring da motherfrickin ruckus.


Itz GhostCoeurl [Crystal]

Hey started about a week ago saw someone in your free company and wondered if it was a reference to da wu-tang clan, quick google later, and here I am, it would be awesome if I could join this company looks super dope!


Sato RituCoeurl [Crystal]

Would love to join :)


Asma DubzCoeurl [Crystal]

Would love to join the company :D


Idleone AceclutchCoeurl [Crystal]

Are you still looking?


Idleone AceclutchCoeurl [Crystal]

Sent an ingame application, I hope to hear from you soon :)

Les sauts de ligne comptent comme un caractère.

0 / 500


Sticky TreezCoeurl [Crystal]

new player looking for a home :D


Yreme GonzopolisCoeurl [Crystal]

Ready to join. Cash rules everything around me.


Elf'ron HubbardCoeurl [Crystal]

Let me know if I can join up.


Membre du groupe Rose WarriorCoeurl [Crystal]

Hey I'm my other character is part of the FC already and was wondering if this character can be invited as well. this character was in an FC before i was invited into WuTai in my other character and i was removed from the FC out of no where and want to join with this character now.


Zechar ValafarCoeurl [Crystal]

Would love to be a part of this FC :)

(modifié)  -

Membre du groupe Brave Sir-robinCoeurl [Crystal]

Give me back my chicken sandwich!


Sif LithofnCoeurl [Crystal]

Yo! Longtime player and longtime wanderer here looking for an FC! The name coincidence caught me off guard in the best way possible.


Akio OjiCoeurl [Crystal]

New-ish player and huge Wutang fan looking for a squad to link up with! I'd like to join if possible


Membre du groupe Montana WildhackCoeurl [Crystal]

Seasoned player just transferred from Malboro, Coeurl is my original home. Looking for a fun FC


Kagari HasegawaCoeurl [Crystal]

Look no further!

Les sauts de ligne comptent comme un caractère.

0 / 500


Earnesto BellavitaAdamantoise [Aether]

invite me


Kagari HasegawaCoeurl [Crystal]

I was invited into this FC for the sole fact that I wasn't a cat girl, however I got very jealous that they got catnip from Link and it sits better in my stomach than the Coke that everyone else gets. 100/10 best FC, best members, and best attitudes!


Jing GetsukoCoeurl [Crystal]

Hello! I'm a returning player, and I'm interested in joining. I submitted an application in-game!


Eellon IthilCoeurl [Crystal]

Hello, I am a veteran gamer but brand new to FF14, looking to ask questions about joining. Tried to contact Jezza The Genius on Discord but cannot find the username; and I do not know how to send a message/application in-game....yet. My Discord name is FOX__#1007 (that's 2 underscores) if you can DM me I would be happy to give my Bio for consideration of joining. Thank you.


Lala DelleSeraph [Dynamis]

Pleb for half a year just recently subbed looking for an FC!


Membre du groupe Pink BismuthCoeurl [Crystal]

Ummmmm, who keep texting me about updating my car's extended warranty? I think I have like 4 at this point.


Membre du groupe Brave Sir-robinCoeurl [Crystal]

I think you're overdue for another extended warranty...

Les sauts de ligne comptent comme un caractère.

0 / 500


Membre du groupe Heathcliff KawaharaCoeurl [Crystal]

That parting words of wisdom feels like its for me.


Emika KumokiriAdamantoise [Aether]

hi! recently transferred to coeurl after my fc died in mateus. looking for a new chill fc and this one seems like a good fit! would love an invite if possible c:


Membre du groupe Sweatbag JimCoeurl [Crystal]

Hello, long time MMORPG and short time FFXIV player. Just a pretty chill bro & all around hip-hop lover looking to delve into to some endgame content. 90 IL 610 Samurai, 90 Warrior / Astrologist soon.


Asher D'winterMaduin [Dynamis]

Returning player, looking for a home. People to talk to and things to do.


Raverick TsukuyomiCoeurl [Crystal]

Link Bosphoramus, protecting us from narcs since day 1


Membre du groupe Ryu MiyamotoCoeurl [Crystal]

This fc looks dope af, can I join? Send me an inv plz


Rob GatesCoeurl [Crystal]

Yo you better protect ya neck. Im all game send me ivit pls nd ty.


Membre du groupe Kadaj AngelCoeurl [Crystal]

would love to join!


Membre du groupe Emily TatsukiCoeurl [Crystal]

Yo, still looking? Tried messaging you on discord/adding you and haven't gotten anything back.


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