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    Les compagnies libres sont des groupes que les joueurs d'un même Monde peuvent rejoindre.

    Les joueurs qui font partie d'une compagnie libre (CL) peuvent par exemple discuter tous ensemble sur un canal de discussion privé ou acheter une maison de compagnie libre. Ils peuvent aussi utiliser des "bienfaits", des actions spéciales qui leur sont réservées et permettent entre autres d'augmenter l'expérience reçue pour tous les membres pendant un certain temps.

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    Mode JcJ : toutes missions où le but est de combattre d'autres joueurs.
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Recrutement - The Good Apples



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#Débutants bienvenus
#Jeu détendu
#Joueurs sociaux <- Check out more information here!

The Good Apples was started on the general idea that we needed a little pick me up during these trying times. What started out as a party finder pick me up ended up in a massive community! Our discord has exploded with both new and veteran players. It is a community full of individuals, from all walks of life, who just want to help and have a social place. We LOVE IT! Our CWLS and Discord server allows YOU to find the answers you need and get the help YOU need. We're here for YOU. You can now find us across all four NA Data Centers (Aether, Crystal, Dynamis & Primal)! We accept any and all players from different data centers, we just may not have a CWLS on that server...yet. But you are more than welcome to hang out in our Discord and get any help you may need.

We have a team of "Apple Mentors" that dedicate themselves to making sure you get the answers you need. We are around on our discord quite frequently when we aren't available in game. And most in game are able to help with anything you may need there as well. We have Mentors that specialize in different aspects of the game. Some work more towards crafting/gathering, some towards content, some towards end-game. You never know what you may find!

From time to time, we may be looking for new mentors for our Data Centers! If that is something that interests you, please feel free to drop us a ModMail and we will keep your name on file when places open up. We like to see activity from those who wish to be one of our Mentors (& no you don't have to have the in-game crown! That's not what we're about!), so join up, interact, & you too can be a Mentor!

I appreciate you stopping by the community finder & taking interest! I hope we have served some good in this world and hope to continue to do so. There are five cross-world linkshells available for in-game help, drop your name in our discord server and we'll get your invite! Check out the channels, post your questions, socialize, & utilize what your might find!

TGA is excited to have you aboard & we hope you love it too. Please join our discord for more direct access to the CWLS. We do not check the comments often. Our Discord:

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Profil du recruteur

Membre du groupe

Sami ValentyneDiabolos [Crystal]

Hi! I'm Sami!

You've probably seen me in Party Finder from time to time, offering a lending hand to those in need. Sometimes we just sit and chat, hang out on each others servers, or you may find me crafting for another! I mainly focus in crafting/gathering, dabble in some housing, and mostly just hoping to give you the help you may need in the game. Thank you for checking us out!




K'halja KhaDiabolos [Crystal]

Hello! I am new to the game and I would love to check out your Free Company to see what it's all about! If you need any information from me, feel free to message me back!


Chicken NuggetsBalmung [Crystal]

Hiya! Been playing for 7 years and am a mentor that plays every role. I love to help people through all kinds of content and am looking to make friends. Usually online so HMU IG or feel free to message me back!


Sol StargazerDiabolos [Crystal]

Hey, I'm Sol. I've been playing for about the last year and have been bouncing data centers following RL friends, but I'm ready to start finding a group of online friends to hang out with.


Lilit SamealMateus [Crystal]

This sounds great, looking for people to play with occasionally. Please add


Astral WinterZalera [Crystal]

Looking for a place to help with parts of the MSQ here and there as I go through ARR all the way up. Plan on giving back to those who need it as I progress. In the game quite often so should be easy to locate for an invite!


Stalder SwiftbladeMalboro [Crystal]

Hey There! New player looking for a helpful group of people . . . Long time mmo player . . all the way back to Asheron's call but new to the FF universe


Forest FableJenova [Aether]

Hi there! I would like to join the CWL if possible! I'm a newbie sprout looking for a welcoming place to learn the ropes <3

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Ce commentaire a été supprimé par son auteur.

Darklord BathoreyMateus [Crystal]

Hello all, I would like to join the LS pls. Ive been looking for a more sociable avenue inthe game. Im not a hardcore player but Im no sprout either, so Id love to help out whoever needs it, or just share some snarky dialogue.


Farming HoeCoeurl [Crystal]

Hello, I recently started playing FF as my main MMO I played ESO for like 6 years gave up on that tho ?? but I was hoping to find a well rounded CWLS i can join… hope you see this TY!


Talon EquesBrynhildr [Crystal]

Hey, I recently got into ff xiv, and I'm looking for a group of people to play with. Think I can join up?


Oooohh LalaDiabolos [Crystal]

Hello! I would love to join your free company. I'm laid back and looking to find some awesome people to play with. I am on just about every day! Let me know if you have any questions.


Mistress ShredderMarilith [Dynamis]

is this just a LS? located on Brynhildr - I have a FC but its kinda dead - just looking for a LS at this time.

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Im TruSiren [Aether]

I'd like to join, please.


Lexi GreyBalmung [Crystal]

I am looking for a social LS, and would like to join if possible.


Jun SongBalmung [Crystal]

Hiya! I'm a new player looking for a group of people to play and talk with! I would love to join this LS!


Krimsone FyreBrynhildr [Crystal]

Hello, I am new to the game and looking for a friendly group to join up with! Could I please join your guild?


Toshitaka KaneuchiDiabolos [Crystal]

i would like to join seems like fun im sick of playing alone


Toshitaka KaneuchiDiabolos [Crystal]

i would like to join seems like fun im sick of playing alone


Jecansu SrSeraph [Dynamis]

Hello! I would like to join. I'm a sprout that usually goes for healer slots but am interested with crafting


Justine WinterCoeurl [Crystal]

Hello, I would like to join!


Alvane VuifancDiabolos [Crystal]

Hey i would like to join, laid back and on almost all day every day. I play mostly solo, so i would like to have people to chat with if i can have a chance.


Iya FavroDiabolos [Crystal]

Hello, may I join? I am a returning player so a little help at times would be, well, helpful! :D


Rykks HighwindDiabolos [Crystal]

hello friend i was looking for a LS that seems friendly. please add


Dejaunx LeviathanMalboro [Crystal]

Hello I'd like to join the CWLS if possible thank you.


Legend LokiZalera [Crystal]

Hello! Just starting out and needing some online friends to help make the game even better. I'm also a fan of mmorpgs and have been wanting to give this some game a chance for awhile.


Namen XenomiZalera [Crystal]

Ahoy! I'd love to join! I'm a new 90 and I miss the Novice Network :( I'd love to see some chill activity in chat again


Kodine GreyCoeurl [Crystal]

I'd love to be apart of this!


Kechara CountryCoeurl [Crystal]

Love to be part of this still very new to the game but loving it so far just wanting more social people to do things with


Renesme UchihaBrynhildr [Crystal]

heyo just wanting to join. :) and looking for a way to find more friends to join and play with for lvling and end game content :)


Ezld TotochtinBrynhildr [Crystal]

I'd love to join if possible!!


-- -- ----

Returning to the game, relearning everything. Looking for a support system, plus just people to chat with while I play. Always willing to help where I can. I work full time so mostly play a couple hours in the evening (MST, Colorado) and on weekends.


Chloe BearPhoenix [Light]

Hi there! I'd love to join! I'm a mentor in game and looking for a community to be a part of!


Kuromi ChanSargatanas [Aether]

returning player after 4 years, so I would love to join a community that is willing to help and support!


Shinzon FrostheartBalmung [Crystal]

are you still taking new members if so I maybe interested in joining thank you for your time.


Traegan EtgarBrynhildr [Crystal]

I am relatively new, making my way through the MSQ. Looking for a CWLS to connect with some peeps :)


Rodrigo LightbringerGoblin [Crystal]

Sounds like it could be an interesting group of people. Shoot me an invite when you can, please. Cheers! o/


Cup NoodleMalboro [Crystal]

Hello. I'd like to join if you're taking new members. Returning to the game after a 5 year hiatus.


Suki BunneMateus [Crystal]

Hello! I'd love to join, I love to focus on gathering and crafting. :)


Artikuno BluesloaneBrynhildr [Crystal]

Hi I would love to join


Shira ZenyukGoblin [Crystal]

Hi! I'd really love to find people to be social with while playing, and I also love to help other players! I'd love to join if you'll have me! :)


Pandoras HeartSeraph [Dynamis]

Hello, I'd love to join your cwls. I'm a very new player, looking for a friendly group of folks to do content with ^_^


Tarsi GolightlyMalboro [Crystal]

hiii! i'm fairly new but dedicated and very interested in joining this FC!


Prinz AgirBalmung [Crystal]

Hey! Ive been a player for a long time but I just got back from a break and would love to join your FC while I finish up endwalker :)


Lucy PhurDiabolos [Crystal]

Hii can i get an invite?


Jadmus BeldacardZalera [Crystal]

Got room for an older miqo'te who's been tanking for 10 years? Want to meet more chill, friendly folks!


Membre du groupe Tikiwiki SaphirioDiabolos [Crystal]

Hello can I get an invite?


Tiahna AzmiirMateus [Crystal]

Hi! I'm not new to FFXIV, but have been lloking for a CWLS to have a nice place to chill and talk to people, would love to have an invite!


K'lyhhia KhulanCoeurl [Crystal]

Hihi! Would love an invite, if possible! :))


Edila GreywolfeCoeurl [Crystal]

Hi! I would like an invite so I can find more people to do raids and trials with!


Stargazer PhyrusFaerie [Aether]

Hey there! Would love an invite to the CWLS if you have room for it! Looking for people to do Fates, Treasure Hunts and whatnot.


Rito LayfonGoblin [Crystal]

Hello! I'd love to join, just returning FF and want to make new friends.


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