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Compagnie libre

Recrutement - My Kupo Tea



Heures d'activité
En semaine
17:00 21:00
11:00 21:00
Membres actifs


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#Work-life Balance
#Jeu détendu
#Débutants bienvenus
#Contenu difficile
#Joueurs sociaux
My Kupo Tea

We're a small, casual Free Company looking for active, friendly players.

Whether you are just starting your adventure or you need a safe place - we're here for it and ready to help you live your best and brightest adventuring life! Our doors are open to everyone (WoW refugees included). We're here to have fun and make new friends while playing the game we love.

Benefits include but are not limited to:
☕ Level 2 Company Actions (experience buffs, teleport cost reduced, etc)
☕ Chocobo stables to train and feed your chocobo
☕ FC rooms available for you to decorate however you want
☕ People to run content with

Company promotions are merit and activity-based. If you have an interest in running events, and engaging with the community, we'd love to have you!

We're a max-rank FC with a place to call home in the Empyreum. The Firmament's right at our doorstep, an airship to many cool places, beautiful architecture, and all in a place that offered a home to those in need.

Frequently Asked Questions
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How active are you?
At this time, we're a pretty small, quiet group with members on at various hours of the day. We're still growing so as more people join we'll have more friends to hang out with!

If I want to host an event, do I have to get approval?
Just let a person in leadership know so we can update the company board, discord, etc! We always encourage folks to branch out and include others in their interests. Chocobo racing, teaching/learning savage content, holding an art party, whatever you want to do, let us know how we can help. If you're not sure where to start we can help with that too!

Is there any RP involved?
Not at this time, but there are people who can help introduce you to the scene if you're just starting out or if you're looking for a certain range of RP. Whether it's hanging out at a pajama party, or playing a bouncer at a club, we don't discourage anyone from seeking out opportunities.

I haven't completed Endwalker
We understand not everyone has, and we keep the spoilers out of sight.

What is your leadership like?
We all originally joined as members so we're all in this together. We promote those who show the initiative to make this the best place it could be. We encourage anyone who shows they have what it takes to be a leader and support the community with a positive, friendly, supportive, and thoughtful attitude.

I'm not very talkative \ I'm not online very often
That's fine! We are here to help you live your best adventurer life, and if that means giving you some space we're here for it. We have people in school, with crazy work schedules, and who are shy or need time to themselves once in a while. We're here for you when you decide to reach out.

Do you have a discord?
Yes! It's not required to join but you are welcome to it. We use it to post upcoming events, share things like guides and resources, or things that make us smile.

How can I apply?
There are a couple of ways!
♡ If you’re in Ishgard feel free to drop by our house in The Empyreum at 1-2! You can apply at our placard out front - we're to the right and down the stairs.
♡ We have members on at most hours of the day so you can apply through Player Search > Search for a member > View Company Profile > Apply
♡ You can also leave us a message below and we'll be on the lookout for you.

As a heads up we'll ask you about your goals and dreams to make sure we can provide what it is you're looking for too. If we're not a good fit, we'll help you find the right place, or you can hang out with us until then. Either way our doors are always open. Members and non-members alike.

Profil du groupe










Empyrée, secteur 1, parcelle 2 [Moyen]

Description du logement

The Shelf


Prenez contact avec les membres de ce groupe en vue de le rejoindre !

Profil du recruteur

Membre du groupe

Penelope EckartMateus [Crystal]

Hey sweet-teas!! Fancy yourself an FC that promotes good vibes and positivi-TEA? Whether you're here to dive into the raiding scene or you're too chai to be social, just know we're all here to support you.



Noctis CaelumsSeraph [Dynamis]

I'm interested in applying :D


Membre du groupe Teruko MizuchiMateus [Crystal]

That's wonderful to hear! I'll be on the lookout for you to add you. If you get a chance you can also apply at our house. Or if you see any of our members out in the world. :D

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Aza EfiaraMarilith [Dynamis]

Fragile Goods, handle with care! ♥ This group of adventurers is filled with the most fun-loving people I've ever had the pleasure of goofing off with. I've only been in the FC for a little over a month, but this month has flown by. Everybody is so inclusive, the FC chat is always lively, and there's always something going on even if we're in the long lull between content patches.

We may not be the most grizzled vets, but that just means we're eager to grow and learn in the company of friends!


Megera Ku'rashaMateus [Crystal]

Hello! I'd like to apply! <3


Membre du groupe Teruko MizuchiMateus [Crystal]

Hi Megera! You're welcome to drop by and hang out anytime too :D

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Albus EinsteinMateus [Crystal]

Sounds like a fun crew! I would like to apply! I've been hoping to join a FC for a while.


Membre du groupe Teruko MizuchiMateus [Crystal]

Hey Albus! We'll be on the lookout for you! If you find yourself in the Ishgard area we're in ward 1, plot 2. Feel free to hang out anytime!

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Membre du groupe Frost ThegreatMateus [Crystal]

hey would like to apply, 12 years of hard core raid in wow also canadian looking to have a place to chill


Membre du groupe Teruko MizuchiMateus [Crystal]

Welcome to the family, Frost!

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Viser RegelMateus [Crystal]

I too am looking for a FC. Long Time MMO player. Older player (almost 40.) Coming back to this game after a while (still in stormblood.)


Membre du groupe Teruko MizuchiMateus [Crystal]

Welcome to the FC, Viser!

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(modifié)  -

Membre du groupe Bo YaegerMateus [Crystal]

hey ive applied to be a part of the community just looking for a family family fc :]

(modifié)  -

Lord N'guzMateus [Crystal]

Sup guys! Looking to join my first FC :) been playing solo for a few months since I got the game and would love to get into end game content. I’m a DK main at level 90 and am currently working on leveling Reaper!

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Makishima ShogoCoeurl [Crystal]

I'd like to apply to join yalls FC!


Membre du groupe Teruko MizuchiMateus [Crystal]

Heya! We'll be on the lookout for you. :)

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Vharavi AkitaSeraph [Dynamis]

Hello im currently on Diabolos but as soon as the servers open up I plan to move to your server, is there a chance I could join the discord ahead of time?


Alex ColeMateus [Crystal]

Hello I’m interested, before I submit an application, I’m interested in doing savage and extreme runs, it’s hard to find a FC that’s interested in those type of things. Is this the right FC for this?


Membre du groupe Teruko MizuchiMateus [Crystal]

Hey Alex,
Thanks for the post! We do have raiders and you're welcome to join reclears for the weekly savage runs too.

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Alex ColeMateus [Crystal]

Ty, I will submit an application tomorrow, i have to pack my bags and stuff from my apt. I’m still like a noob to savage runs. I just want to learn them and get better

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