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    Les compagnies libres sont des groupes que les joueurs d'un même Monde peuvent rejoindre.

    Les joueurs qui font partie d'une compagnie libre (CL) peuvent par exemple discuter tous ensemble sur un canal de discussion privé ou acheter une maison de compagnie libre. Ils peuvent aussi utiliser des "bienfaits", des actions spéciales qui leur sont réservées et permettent entre autres d'augmenter l'expérience reçue pour tous les membres pendant un certain temps.

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    Trouvez l'équipe la plus adaptée pour vous, entraînez-vous ensemble et visez le haut du classement !

    Mode JcJ : toutes missions où le but est de combattre d'autres joueurs.
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Recrutement - Misfits of Nobility



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#Joueurs sociaux
#Contenu difficile
#Événements joueurs
#Débutants bienvenus
Misfits of Nobility <<Noble>> is a social FC with a large house in Shirogane (Plot 37, 6th Ward) takes pride in AFK sweeping our placard and yard in hopes that we receive the yard-of-the-month award from the HOA. We have an active Discord filled with animal and food pics. Newbies, returners and raiders are all welcome. We offer always up buffs and fresh popoto pie in the mornings! We try to be a community-ran Free Company rather than a dictatorship. We hold events throughout the week. We have sign-ups for savage and extreme raids for ad-hoc high-end raid parties. And raid learning parties taught by our raid leaders.

This Week's Events

Sunday: Fashion Report Giveaway (all-day) / Human Darts @ 6:00 pm est / E11S Learning @ 9:00 pm est
Monday: 60s Map Night @ 7:30 pm est / Savage Teaching Runs @ 8:30 pm est
Tuesday: AM Hunt Train @ 10:20 am est / E8S Learning @ 6:00 pm est / Practice Runs (E9S) @ 8:30 pm est
Wednesday: E4S Learning @ 6:00 pm est / Level 70 Maps @ 7:00 pm est
Thursday: FFXIV-themed @7:00 pm est / Teaching Runs (E10S) @ 8:30 pm est / Jenevere & Ignilious' Wedding @ 9:00 pm est
Friday: Level 80 Maps @ 7:30 pm est / Jackbox Party @ 9:30 pm est
Saturday: The Drunken Bozja Incident @ 6:00 pm est / Hide and Seek @ 9:00 pm est / Level 80 Maps @ 10:00 pm est

Meet the Crew

Leader: Madoka Medica. Mami Medica was the previous FC leader but she stepped down to focus more on work.
Officers: Bad-wolf Rose, Eresh Kigal, Jenevere Asmodeus, Maimonides Volarus, Miko Mune, Nagala Eon, Rhainne Orshyne and Steel Resolve. We are just secretly in our officer's chat channel on Discord drinking and plotting world domination
House Greeter: Poppy Yordlesmash. You aren't truly one of us until Poppy slaps you a hundred times in a row


Interested in joining? Feel free to ping an officer listed above, message directly in-game (Madoka Medica) or submit an application if I'm AFK. Or visit our Discord, and share your food pics or Lala recipes!

Profil du groupe










Shirogane, secteur 6, parcelle 37 [Grand]

Description du logement

The Isle of Misfits


Prenez contact avec les membres de ce groupe en vue de le rejoindre !

Profil du recruteur

Membre du groupe

Madoka MedicaGilgamesh (Aether)

Greetings! I'm the leader of the free company. I'm probably spending my days gathering in Diadem or sweeping on the placard. You are more than welcome to ping me in-game and say hi.


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Khorvus CoraxGilgamesh (Aether)

Hello, Im a semi new player transferring to the server and looking for a new home. Would be interested in talking to someone about joining the FC


Baus FyteGilgamesh (Aether)

Hello! I am a returning player after being away for some time and you FC sounds like just what I'm looking for! If there is room for me just let me know. Thank you!


Membre du groupe Mo MagikGilgamesh (Aether)

New Player here, Interested in this FC. Thanks


Membre du groupe Lowercase PzGilgamesh (Aether)

Hiya! Back after a long break and migrated data centers from crystal. Looking for a fun new FC to facilitate grouping for raiding content and helping new friends farm their mounts. Cheers!


Rongu RiMidgardsormr (Aether)

Hello, I played on and off since the start of stormblood and I'm looking for my first fc to join. I'm down to do any content. Mainly I'm just looking for people to play ffxiv with and maybe be friends with.


Tiber SeptimGilgamesh (Aether)

New player here, I am having fun with Final Fantasy but am looking for a FC to learn from and grow into.


Pope PilamoreGilgamesh (Aether)

Hello, I'm a brand new player that just started playing and I was interested in joining up and learning the game.


Suspect StormrageGilgamesh (Aether)

I am a new player looking to join experienced FC. I am currently in my own FC, willing to leave any time. Thanks for your consideration.


Doyi JhungidGilgamesh (Aether)

Brand new player here, looking for a FC to join. Your group seems my speed and I'd love to to join!

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Membre du groupe Mischievous FurryGilgamesh (Aether)

Recently returned player, I would like to join the FC


Sphinkter BoyGilgamesh (Aether)

Level 51 Black Mage, quickly leveling. Raiding experience in other MMOs. Looking to join. I don't ask for much, I'm pretty independent. Would like to play with some cool peeps that can help fill in some of the gaps. Contact any time. Thanks!


Xanathos BrimstoneGilgamesh (Aether)

Greetings !

I'd like to find myself a sweet home in this great new world,live adventures with my fellow adventurers and talk about our losses and defeats around the fire before going to sleep.

Thank you !


Membre du groupe Alice LakeGilgamesh (Aether)

I would be interested in joining this free company. Sounds fun!


Akira VeisGilgamesh (Aether)

Hi, semi-new player looking to join the fc. I would like to join your fc. I am a lvl 52 sam down for mostly any content. I just want to play and talk to new people on ffxiv.


Membre du groupe Claud LumenveilGilgamesh (Aether)

Hello! I've been playing for a couple of weeks and I'm looking for an FC to join. I'd love to join this FC if you guys' will let me!


Ahrdawg StrongfistGilgamesh (Aether)

Hi, looking to join an FC. am brand new to the game


Mikasa AakkmanDiabolos (Crystal)

Looking to join if possible. Newer to the game and would love to hang out and maybe get some tips.


Membre du groupe Jusana TriceGilgamesh (Aether)

Looking to join. I am still a novice and willing to learn.


Tondeuse AgazonGilgamesh (Aether)

Im a returning Vet, Got 3x80 ( War, Astro, Culinary ) plus many more not 80. Looking for some active FC


Lady MisaGilgamesh (Aether)

Returning player looking for an interesting and active FC.


Kroven BlodointGilgamesh (Aether)

I am interested in joining. Still a fairly new, but willing to learn.


Membre du groupe Snow StrifeGilgamesh (Aether)

Hi I'm a semi new player looking for somewhere to call home.


Aamiro LemonGilgamesh (Aether)

Hey I'm a new player looking for a group to do stuff with !


Membre du groupe Balkis SilvermoonGilgamesh (Aether)

Hi returning player looking for a home casual and friendly.


Membre du groupe Vuk YenkeGilgamesh (Aether)

Hi I'm a new/returning player looking for a FC to chill in would love to join if possible


Amber BedlamGilgamesh (Aether)

i would liKe to join the FC plase. TY


Membre du groupe Tiber SepptimGilgamesh (Aether)

Hello im new player looking for FC to play together knowing the game, would love to join the FC...


Membre du groupe Ovaron TarGilgamesh (Aether)

I am a new player. Enjoying the game and would like to join the Misfits of Nobility.
Thank you


Camilla KirbyGilgamesh (Aether)

Hey im interested in joining the FC to learn raiding content, I hope you guys are still recruiting :). Feel free to contact me on discord Dink#3130


Membre du groupe Rhainne OrshyneGilgamesh (Aether)

If you are still looking for an fc please apply in game♥

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Akaba VorueGilgamesh (Aether)

Hey! Looking for an FC to join that does some of the endgame stuff. I've got a moderate amount of experience in FFXIV, and a lot of MMO experience.


Membre du groupe Rhainne OrshyneGilgamesh (Aether)

HI! we do a lot of ENDGAME content and would be happy to talk to you if you kindly submit an application in game ♥

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0 / 500

(modifié)  -

Shin UbiGilgamesh (Aether)

Hello! Looking to join your fc for community content.


Membre du groupe Rhainne OrshyneGilgamesh (Aether)

If you haven't found an fc yet we would like to talk to you. Please apply in game and submit an application.♥

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(modifié)  -

Abe BaquiGilgamesh (Aether)

Hi! I started playing this year and currently at SB. I resonate with your FC title, I like it, looking forward to join.


Membre du groupe Rhainne OrshyneGilgamesh (Aether)

Hi! thank you for taking interest in out crazy fc..If you would like to apply in game so we can review your application...Thanks ♥

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Savage CouchGilgamesh (Aether)

Hey there! I'm a new player in FFXIV, came from WoW (mythic raider) - would love to become more social in the game and make some friends along the way! Currently lvl 49 Dragoon. Look forward to hopefully chatting soon!!


Stonesie GallifreyGilgamesh (Aether)

Hi there! I am returning after a looooooong break. Looking for a free company, am currently level 64. Not really looking to raid regularly as I still play WoW (for the moment) but want a social place to be where I can sometimes join runs and activities. Hope to talk with someone soon :-)


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