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    Mode JcJ : toutes missions où le but est de combattre d'autres joueurs.
Compagnie libre

Recrutement - Eorzea University



Heures d'activité
En semaine
20:00 2:00
18:00 2:00
Membres actifs


Centre de données


Monde d'origine


Places à pourvoir



 ・FC名:Eorzea University <Class>
 ・活動時間:20時 ~26時
 ・アクティブメンバー: 28人ほど



- 英語教室
- 日本語教室
- FCファッションショー
- FC会議
- 料理教室
- フランス語教室
- 韓国語教室
- オランダ語教室
- 英会話カフェ
- 日本語カフェ
- トリプルトライアド
- 零式練習
- G14の地図
- ギルオネアになりたいのは誰?!
- 他にもたくさん!

・I'chi Tia (日本人)、 Raclette Raclette (日本人)


Hey there! Nice to meet you!
Thank you for taking the time to read our FC recruitment message!

・FC Name:Eorzea University <Class>
・Active Hours:8PM - 2 AM (JST)
・Active Members:About 28
・FC House:Mist Ward 20 Plot 2 (Large)

Current Ratio: 17 Japanese : 15 International Players
We are a small tight knit FC.
Maximum number of members is 50. We recruit a Maximum of 2 players per month.

- We speak on discord a lot (Usually in Japanese)!
- FC event every Saturday at 10PM JST
- Player skill is irrelevant
- Practice Japanese along the way! (Basic level Japanese is required)
- We have members who do Savage & Ultimate
- We have an Interview System & Trial before invite to the FC
- We don't accept sub/ alt characters

<FC Player Organized Events:>
- English Class
- Japanese Class
- FC Fashion Show
- FC Meeting
- Cooking Class
- French Class
- Korean Class
- Dutch Class
- English Conversation Café
- Japanese Conversation Café
- Triple Triad
- Savage Raid Practice
- Treasure Maps
- Who wants to be a Gillionaire
- And many more!

Well, we hope to see you soon!
If you're interested please send a tell to:
Dragui Leblanc (International Player), Fiona Wrynn (International Player)

Here is the FC Website:

Profil du groupe








Japonais / Anglais


Brumée, secteur 20, parcelle 2 [Grand]

Description du logement

Eorzea University


Prenez contact avec les membres de ce groupe en vue de le rejoindre !

Profil du recruteur

Membre du groupe

Fiona WrynnKujata [Elemental]

国際FCメンバー募集中です ! Bilingual FC is recruiting!


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Sai EdenKujata [Elemental]

Hello! The idea behind your Free Company is really good!

I would like to get to know more about it, please feel free to contact me in game :)

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Thaelin ShimmerscaleKujata [Elemental]

Hello! I really like the concept of this Free Company. It very rare to find a "guild" in a online game that is friendly and willing to help new players and members. I also like how the Free Company is aiming at trying to improve relations between Japanese players and English players. I really hope that I will be able to join the Free Company when it is ready for more players. I have already spoke to Fiona Wrynn.

(modifié)  -

Lavah'ra SoryhaunoKujata [Elemental]

Your Free Company seems really interesting because the free company accepts both Japanese speaking and English speaking players.

I would like to know about the Free company and also apply for the free company if you don't mind a somewhat new player such as myself.

Thank you!


Byron BlackfyreKujata [Elemental]

The concept and aesthetic of the FC caught my eye immediately and I knew I just had to apply ^_^
I am always available on saturdays so I should be able to join the FC events, and I am active on discord. I'm new to the game but I am willing to learn and help out in whatever way I can.

Thank you for your consideration ^_^

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Lorien ValarKujata [Elemental]

Hello - はじめまして!

Your FC was referred to me by Xaia :). For context on me, I'm living in Tokyo and am working on improving my Japanese. I’m playing FFXIV to accomplish this while playing an MMO, so Eorzea University seems like a perfect fit. I’m new to the game, but I've been playing other MMOs for years and I'd like to find a good, tight-knit social guild, to contribute my time and effort. Can you kindly contact me via discord on Lórien#8143 or in-game Lorien Valar please?

Thank you!

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Salsa ChipsKujata [Elemental]


I just resubbed after a little break (maybe about 6 months) and I've been looking for a tight-knit, bilingual FC and you guys seem really cool. I'm half Japanese living in Tokyo and I'm decently fluent in both English and Japanese (have trouble with reading/writing Japanese though). Still a noob even though I've technically had FFXIV since the beta, but I'd love to join if you guys will have me!

If its ok, you can message me in-game (Salsa Chips) or on discord Slezterp#8552

Thank you!


Grey AlmeKujata [Elemental]

hi i wish to join your guild...speak mostly english but understand a little little bit of japanese..wish to learn and upgrade my japanese language here


Crusnik RyuuketsuKujata [Elemental]

Hello, I'm a Japanese resident likely transferring to Kujata tonight. I see that English recruitment is closed, but wondering I could join the wait list. I'm studying for the N3 in my off-time and I'd like to find a situation where I can use Japanese on a regular basis (can't use it at work), but I'm not yet used to Japanese conversations in gaming environments. I don't see any other free companies other than this one that involve a language exchange and I'd love to join.

(modifié)  -

Membre du groupe Ryuseol YukinoshitaKujata [Elemental]

Hello, I'm a Korean player that speak english and basic japanese. Wanted to join your fc cause I want to improve my JP and there are not a lot of fc that does language exchange. I would like to know more and if possible, you could contact me through in game or through discord Kimchimandu#3199. Thank you!!


Ryousei KuroganeKujata [Elemental]

Hello, I'm a Malaysian player that speaks English + Mandarin, I'm currently taking Japanese class, will be N4 by this year, also learning kanji in, would be nice to have more people to speak jap with hoping to improve, feel free to contact me in-game or by discord happiehappie#3069

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Minnie AkiraKujata [Elemental]

HI, I am currently live in Australia. I can speak English, Mandarin, and a bit of Japanese. I just started playing this game yesterday. I have played this game a little bit a few years ago, but still much to learn. Would like to join the free company. Please contact me in-game. Thanks


Sky EsperiaLamia [Primal]

Hello || 初めまして!

I am a Korean player, planning on transferring to Kujata this weekend, and am capable of speaking English, Korean, and simple Japanese. I am looking for an FC to join as I work on integrating with the Japanese language and community.

I was hoping to learn more about the FC culture and member interactions. If recruitment is still available for international players, please contact me through Discord at Sky#2345.

Thank you for your time!


Matsuoka YoshitsuguKujata [Elemental]



Ness EvreuxKujata [Elemental]



I am an Australian living in Japan. I've almost always played with English speakers but with the new Oceania servers all my friends are starting to transfer away. :(
Because of this, I want to make new friends and speak with them in Japanese/English.

If it's OK with you, I'd like to join your family!


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Canaan SiamTonberry [Elemental]



I am a Canadian who has been living in Tokyo for 7 years.
Due to COVID-19, it’s been difficult to meet new people and practice Japanese.


I would love the opportunity to share what knowledge I have, and converse with people who have similar interests.


If it’s okay, I would love to join your group!



Membre du groupe Fiona WrynnKujata [Elemental]

Hello! Sorry for the late reply. Please send a tell to Embry or myself ingame

Les sauts de ligne comptent comme un caractère.

0 / 500

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Shin EeeKujata [Elemental]


nice to meet you.
I was interested in English chat and commented.
I want to join this FC
Thank you


Membre du groupe Fiona WrynnKujata [Elemental]

Hello! Sorry for the late reply. Please contact us in the game.

Les sauts de ligne comptent comme un caractère.

0 / 500


Shin EeeKujata [Elemental]

Thank you
What time do you usually log in?


Membre du groupe I'chi TiaKujata [Elemental]


Les sauts de ligne comptent comme un caractère.

0 / 500


Shin EeeKujata [Elemental]


Les sauts de ligne comptent comme un caractère.

0 / 500


Shin EeeKujata [Elemental]


Les sauts de ligne comptent comme un caractère.

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Tiany TommyKujata [Elemental]

Hello. My name is Tommy and am a Japanese living in Japan. I am so interested in your FC concepts. If you still recruit a Japanese member, can I have a chat with you to understand your FC more?

(modifié)  -

Membre du groupe Fiona WrynnKujata [Elemental]

I apologize for the late reply. Yes we are still recruiting. You may take a look at our newly completed FC Website (above).

May I know what are your active hours/ log-in time on FFXIV? I will ask someone to send you a Tell in-game.

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Eol MojiKujata [Elemental]

I'm a new player from Indonesia and looking for a place to stay to get more friends or fams and learn!
I really interested to enroll in this university~! but my japanese writing and reading is not that good :(
I can only understand hiragana and katakana at the moment, but i can say that my japanese vocabulary is pretty good even tho it's still hard for me to form any sentences ;^;
So, are you guys still recruiting perhaps?

Thank you for reading my unnecessary long messages~!

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