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  • Qu'est-ce qu'une compagnie libre ?

    Les compagnies libres sont des groupes que les joueurs d'un même Monde peuvent rejoindre.

    Les joueurs qui font partie d'une compagnie libre (CL) peuvent par exemple discuter tous ensemble sur un canal de discussion privé ou acheter une maison de compagnie libre. Ils peuvent aussi utiliser des "bienfaits", des actions spéciales qui leur sont réservées et permettent entre autres d'augmenter l'expérience reçue pour tous les membres pendant un certain temps.

    Les compagnies libres sont chacune aussi différentes que les membres qui la composent. Choisissez celle qui s'aligne le mieux avec votre style de jeu !

  • Que sont les linkshells et les linkshells inter-Monde ?

    Les linkshells sont des canaux de discussion privés destinés aux joueurs qui partagent le même objectif.

    On les appelle plus couramment LS et LSIM. Elles permettent de discuter sur un canal privé avec les autres membres. Contrairement aux compagnies libres, les joueurs peuvent rejoindre plusieurs linkshells. Vous pouvez donc par exemple faire partie d'une linkshell pour les contrats de chasse et d'une autre pour la pêche.

    Rejoignez les linkshells en rapport avec vos activités préférées !

    Linkshells (LS) : seuls les joueurs d'un même Monde peuvent les rejoindre.
    Linkshells inter-Monde (LSIM) : tous les joueurs d'un même centre de traitement de données peuvent les rejoindre, peu importe leur Monde d'origine.
  • Qu'est-ce qu'une équipe JcJ ?

    Les équipes JcJ (Joueur contre Joueur) sont des équipes spécialement formées pour des affrontements entre joueurs.

    Former une équipe JcJ permet aux joueurs de se mesurer à d'autres groupes lors des combats classés en équipe de The Feast. Les meilleures équipes peuvent notamment recevoir des récompenses spéciales et participer à des tournois.

    Trouvez l'équipe la plus adaptée pour vous, entraînez-vous ensemble et visez le haut du classement !

    Mode JcJ : toutes missions où le but est de combattre d'autres joueurs.
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Peace: A Social/Raiding Hybrid FC
About Us
We're a laid-back group of friends in our 20s (& some in the 30s), with a member base ranging from newbie sprouts to seasoned savage/ultimate raiders to triple legends. We specialize in high-end lv 80 duties (we like to raid!), casual party games, the lowest quality RP you'll ever see, and the most respectful variety of memes.

Most of us are fairly casual players, though we share a "midcore" attitude towards the game; we're the kinds of people who'll naturally put in the effort to become reasonably skilled players, BUT we're very easygoing & genial when running content!

Our primary goal is to meet other chill, friendly, good-natured people to laugh & run content with! Gamers, memers, & wholesome friends of all experience levels are welcome. Big plus if you like to raid, are interested in getting into raiding, or are a lalafell :>

Don't hesitate to join if you'd like to give us a shot! We completely understand wanting to find an FC with the right vibe for you, so no hard feelings if things don't work out, but we really hope that you'll like it here ♥

Active Hours
The vast majority of our members are from North America (Pacific to Eastern time zones), so FC active hours & event times are based around that. Peak activity is during events > on weekends > in the evenings on weekdays.

FC Buffs
We've been prepping for Endwalker over the past couple of months, and we have 15% XP buffs stocked up (the highest tier)!
We will have at least 2 straight months of 15% combat XP buffs on 24/7 once Endwalker releases, to expedite the leveling process for everyone.

Be sure to join our Discord server once you're in the FC, as it's the best way to get connected to all the happenings in the FC! We post FC news & event info there, and it serves as a place to chat, share memes, and more.
- Voice chat is used primarily during events, and also randomly just to hang out!

We run events frequently throughout the week; types of events we host include:
- High-end duty farming events (i.e. Savages & Extremes from all expansions, and Unreals)
- Endgame high-end duty teaching/learning events*
- Nier Alliance Raids with the FC
- Lv 80 Treasure Maps
- Gold Saucer Night (e.g. racing chocobos & doing GATEs together)
- Party Games Night (e.g. Jackbox - we have all the packs, Gartic Phone, Pictionary)
- and more!

* We offer 2 varieties of learning events: (1) the kind where you can come in completely blind, and (2) the kind that requires you to do a small amount of study/prep ahead of the event. This information will always be specified for each new learning event we host.

How to join?
The easiest way to join is to submit a super quick application via the placard at our FC house! Anyone who happens to be online at the time (and who knows how to accept applications) will be able to accept the application for you.
- Located in Shirogane, Ward 6, Plot 43

If you're unable to access Shirogane, you can message me (on Discord or in-game) if you're interested in joining us!
In-Game: Amelia Serene
Discord: Serene#1873
- Please be patient as this method relies on both of us being online & available at the same time.

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind, our goal is not to become a gigantic FC where we welcome absolutely anyone & everyone without discretion. We're a friendly, accepting, and generous bunch of people, and I am aware that this makes us prime targets for those who like to take advantage of others. I want to make it known that I will not hesitate to use my little lala legs to punt trolls, clowns, leeches, and degenerates (i.e. people who make the environment uncomfortable & unpleasant) out of the FC. We have absolutely no tolerance for harassment, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, and the like.

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Shirogane, secteur 6, parcelle 43 [Moyen]

Description du logement



Prenez contact avec les membres de ce groupe en vue de le rejoindre !

Profil du recruteur

Membre du groupe

Amelia SereneExodus (Primal)

Joindre par Twitter

DM me on Discord, send me a Tell in-game, or submit an application to our FC if you're interested in joining us!

I may be small, I may be cute, & I may be sweet, but don't underestimate me! They say lalas are like ants; and I have the power of 10 Roegadyns condensed into my little lala frame.



Membre du groupe Grissle ShinlordExodus (Primal)

I'm interesting in joining your FC. Finally hit 80 with my pally and just finishing up the MSQ. Looking join a FC to have fun with.. next time I log on in game I'll come hit up you placard..


Membre du groupe Amelia SereneExodus (Primal)

WOO congrats on hitting 80! And sounds good, I'll look forward to meeting you in-game soon :D

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Jiggles AnnbounceExodus (Primal)

I am curious why you don't have a link to your discord in this recruiting thingy. Is it because it is empty? If not, then why not post it?


Membre du groupe Amelia SereneExodus (Primal)

It's not a public discord; I'd prefer to keep it cozy with FC members & friends of the FC.

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Membre du groupe Amelia SereneExodus (Primal)

I noticed you asked about the Discord server for every FC posting in the community finder that I checked. As someone else mentioned, I'd like to avoid the possibility of trolls coming in and wreaking havoc, and "adding a barrier to entry is better than none".

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