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    Trouvez l'équipe la plus adaptée pour vous, entraînez-vous ensemble et visez le haut du classement !

    Mode JcJ : toutes missions où le but est de combattre d'autres joueurs.
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Recrutement - Pawsitivity



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#Débutants bienvenus
#Joueurs sociaux
#Jeu détendu
I will use this CWLS Recruitment to recruit people for our Fellowship which should really be an option on this site :P
Our CWLS is currently full! However our Discord server is pretty active and always welcomes new people UwU

If you want the invite link you can find it in our Fellowship, also names "Pawsitivity". Look for it in the fellowship finder.
Anyways. We're a Furry Friendly Community on Light with a Discord Server. But everyone is welcome of course.

We do regular events for which we have our #events channel in Discord where people can create their own. With that we can plan things better and know who wants to join for what.

Our Discord features:
- self assignable roles via reactions
- an #events channel where everyone can create their own events for people to join
- a screenshots channel to show off your adventures
- a self-promotion channel for you to advertise yourself (+automated announcements for your stream)
- choose your own name colour
- other social, gaming and media channels
- temporary voice channels to keep the list clean

(We also have a FC on Lich)!

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Snow FluffLich (Light)

Joindre par Twitter

Heyhey :3 It's just me. You can call me Snow. I like video games and have been playing FF14 for almost its entire existence. I love to help people as long as it's in my capacity and abilities so feel free to message me whenever you need something. I also stream sometimes. You can find the Link to my Twitch channel in my Twitter bio. I'm from Germany btw so you will have to bare with my "weird" accent :P
Next to FF14 I also like to play Super Animal Royale, Among Us and sometimes also Overwatch during events. I am open to try out new games tho so anything is possible UwU



Cherry VanillaOdin (Light)

Hey hey o/ I'd love to join :D


Membre du groupe Snow FluffLich (Light)

Hi, sorry to reply so late. I just saw this message last week but I couldn't catch you ingame yet. When are you online usually? :3

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Membre du groupe Kresimir LinachZodiark (Light)

hi can i join :)


Membre du groupe Lazuru RuriZodiark (Light)

Would love to join :3.


Membre du groupe Snow FluffLich (Light)

When are you online usually so I can invite you? :3

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Yakuza StrikeLich (Light)

i wanna join you :3


Oghma WyrmsongSpriggan (Chaos)

I want join :(


Leva DarkshadowPhoenix (Light)

May I join?


Zaffira SolcelPhoenix (Light)

Tweet, i'm italian and moldavian (born on Moldova but with italian mentality cause i lived for 22 years) who now live on France since mmm 2 years. I have 29 years old, no kids, no furry pets but i like much birds and animals (years ago i had large cages with differents birds and helped community to help street cats and dogs). I can play only White Mage and now i'm lvl 72. I play since 26/11, 9:00 am to 23:00 or more (no works and other). I can join?I want have help for make FATE boss and other


Lody FayShiva (Light)

Hi there! I'd love to join if you got any slot :)

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Mori MorikoTwintania (Light)

hey ^^ could i get an invite :3 you all sound so sweet <3


Membre du groupe Snow FluffLich (Light)

I will try to invite you when I see you online. Any time when it's the best?

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Dani ManceLich (Light)

I’d like to join please x


Membre du groupe Griffy HorskbharLich (Light)

Hey! ^^ I would love to join if there is still room :3 <3


Kovu WoofZodiark (Light)

Ayy, can I join? :3


Membre du groupe Xaliden MingoShiva (Light)

Hey Ya! I'd like to join if there is still place and be a part of the community. Especially because Hrothgars are very rare around here. How can I join?

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Garou WolfExcalibur (Primal)

Id love to join! alos im starting a CWLS for furries hit me up! Garou Wolf (excalibur)


Azura KyomiPhoenix (Light)

hola, any linkshell spots left, I dont really like using discord when I game coz it cause my pc to cry for some reason ;p

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Pagani JinxLich (Light)

Hi Snow! Do you still have some spaces available? Am keen to join and take part in what ever is going on


-- -- ----

Hey, Bunnies are welcome too? ^^
I would be glad to get invited. <3 Mostly online from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Cheers Lytah


Blue SkollarkPhoenix (Light)

Could I join?


Kamizura SuzugamoriZodiark (Light)

any chance i could join the CWLS?


Tiberius MelanithPhoenix (Light)

I would love to join I am online almost always ^^


Lucinde BlackwellPhoenix (Light)

I also would love to join


Aventia SolTwintania (Light)

I would like to join :3 is there still a free spot for me?


Niharen KragonOdin (Light)

Hi. I would like to join.


Fleazie VilebloomShiva (Light)

Hey im new to FFXIV, but really enjoying my time so far. I am looking for a free company to have fun with and play togheter. I would love to join you guys!


Oshogun GreatShiva (Light)

hey I am new to FF14 lvl 43 pal ... looking for a free company LS to raid and pvp..if I am not in game you can msg me on discord


Suula BlackLich (Light)

Hello, im new to FF14 , playing a Blackmage lvl 38 currently and i would like to join your CWLS, pls.


Narcos OwnaLich (Light)

Hey, i want to join, if there is any room left :)


Aurelli FauchetempsTonberry (Elemental)

Hey there, love to join! I'm in XIV for the casual, gathering, social aspect - if that is acceptable and the banter is a'plenty, love to get an invite! Thanks all- This LS sounds like exactly what I am looking for


Nino LunnixPhoenix (Light)

I'm in ;)


Xa'har AlteraLich (Light)

Hey, if theres still a slot Available id love to join :)


Mojo DirnLich (Light)

if there are any fancy slots left i would love to join!


Nuncho MunchoShiva (Light)

hello r u still recruiting ?


Nuncho MunchoShiva (Light)

hello r u still recruiting ?

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Aurelli FauchetempsTonberry (Elemental)

Hello all, would love to join the LS! Sounds like an awesome place and wonderful people, I'm a casual social player from Melbourne, Australia currently on Elemental/Tonberry, I'm generally online 11pm-4am AEST, would love a /tell to join! (Although not really sure how to add to CWLS groups from other worlds) ty


Princess CuddlesworthOdin (Light)

Can i get an inv please. thank you. [ princess puddlesworth @odin ]


Charlemagne LionheartTwintania (Light)

Hi there, I'm looking to join a social FC. This looks like a fun place :)
Charlemagne Lionheart - Light Twintania


Mayke BrunestudPhoenix (Light)

Hi, would love to join the LS!


Lost CatTwintania (Light)

o/ Can I join too


Tezin RazergoreJenova (Aether)

I would enjoy getting in on this also.


King PoringOdin (Light)

Would love to join


Wendy MarvelllPhoenix (Light)

hi i'd like to join!
there is a place?

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Katya ZamZodiark (Light)

hey :p would love to join! i unlocked some of my savage contents and would love some nice friendly community to play with!


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