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    Les compagnies libres sont des groupes que les joueurs d'un même Monde peuvent rejoindre.

    Les joueurs qui font partie d'une compagnie libre (CL) peuvent par exemple discuter tous ensemble sur un canal de discussion privé ou acheter une maison de compagnie libre. Ils peuvent aussi utiliser des "bienfaits", des actions spéciales qui leur sont réservées et permettent entre autres d'augmenter l'expérience reçue pour tous les membres pendant un certain temps.

    Les compagnies libres sont chacune aussi différentes que les membres qui la composent. Choisissez celle qui s'aligne le mieux avec votre style de jeu !

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    Linkshells (LS) : seuls les joueurs d'un même Monde peuvent les rejoindre.
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    Les équipes JcJ (Joueur contre Joueur) sont des équipes spécialement formées pour des affrontements entre joueurs.

    Former une équipe JcJ permet aux joueurs de se mesurer à d'autres groupes lors des combats classés en équipe de The Feast. Les meilleures équipes peuvent notamment recevoir des récompenses spéciales et participer à des tournois.

    Trouvez l'équipe la plus adaptée pour vous, entraînez-vous ensemble et visez le haut du classement !

    Mode JcJ : toutes missions où le but est de combattre d'autres joueurs.
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Recrutement - Faewood



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#Travailleurs bienvenus
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#Amateurs de jeu de rôle
Faewood is a white-list style group of strictly adult authors, both professional and hobby, who want to tell deep, unapologetic stories with a heavy focus on thematic consistency, personal progression, and impactful story writing. While we do role-play, we don't do it with the intention to vicariously live through our characters and instead view our characters like colors in a palette that paint a beautiful picture, or tools in a toolbox to work a piece of art. We are here, first and foremost to write stories

We are extremely passionate and loving of the narrative Square Enix has painstakingly crafted. We're a lore-inspired Free Company that tries to match the themes of our derivative work with the stories Final Fantasy XIV explores. We are passionate authors who seek to expand upon and fill an apparently missing niche in Hydaelyn, thus our tag.

We are firmly no-drama and recruit mature, adult authors. We advocate that the setting of Final Fantasy XIV is /fiction/ and do not attempt to usurp its culture with our modern-day beliefs - in a word, IC=/=OOC. For real.

We believe that respect goes both ways, and are also expectant that our members will;
-Respect their fellow authors' stories and as people,
-Communicate effectively, concisely, and amiably in all interactions, both in this Free Company and without,
-Make an active effort to participate/be involved/make new stories if they are dissatisfied with the current selection, and invite/write around other characters to have an active part in their new story.

So what does Faewood do ICly?

Currently, Faewood is a work-in-progress Free Company created by one Eirene Charbonneau to right a variety of injustices resulting from the unfortunate realities of a post-occupation society. From Ul'dah's pitiful refugee efforts and camps to the Gridanians' utter lack of drive to welcome outsiders at all, much less help those left in the dust by developing politics, and compounded by the fact that not all pirate to privateer stories end happily in Limsa Lominsa Faewood seeks to fill the niche that exists for children but seemingly not at all for adults - as a multi-purpose refuge for those who fate has frowned upon through no fault of their own.

Philanthropists and patrons alike are invited to invest in this organization, which promises to rehabilitate 'Participants' and get them back on their feet - not as beggars or cheap labor, but as peers.

Some of the brief overviews of services provided by Faewood;
-Education in basic essentials (reading, writing, common, arithmetic/numbers, basic aetherology)
-A participant-aided soup kitchen which doubles as providing food to those in need, an open house, and a talent search for employers to consider forgotten talent,
-Martial training in most basic self-defense techniques or physical expressions of spirituality,
-Various spiritualists to aid with soul-related afflictions,
-An emergency medical centre to aid with physical afflictions,
-Public baths/showers to allow people access to these facilities,
-A group of accepting and compassionate figures to aid with emotional afflictions,
-Defense of participants, employees, and more,
-Clean beds, a roof, and a semi-private space to get people off the streets/out of the camps,
-Auxilary relief work outside of Eorzea proper (See new places!)
-Valuable experience in the care/relief field,
-Well paid, reliable work without contract bonds,
-All of the above by default (you have to know it to teach it),
-(For combatants) Expierience to pad resumes or hone skill

Whether they fell by the wayside due to returning from military service without proper support, are persecuted by culture or religion, were left poor and penniless in the aftermath of Garlemald's vicious retreat - all of these things and more Faewood seeks to provide a way to alleviate.

Faewood provides job opportunities for many walks of life, including anything from civil servants such as cooks and janitors to teachers and trainers to even proper warrior types or fortune-seeking mercenaries. Not all of Hydaelyn's people agree with Faewood's mission, and not all are on the streets by accident - some would rather see their stories silenced forever than ever see the light of day.

In joint effort with the Maelstrom of the Great Ship Limsa Lominsa, Faewood also provides auxiliary military, medical, and support aid to far-reaching groups that the Maelstrom don't want to officially get involved with or do not have the facilities to care for.

If this hasn't scared you off yet, take a look at our work-in-progress website* and see if we'd be a fit for you.**

*Please note that as of writing, this Carrd is a Work in Progress.
**Currently, the Free Company is ICly ephemeral and its actual IC nature may not be finalized. We are currently recruiting authors who desire to be a part of such a community.

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Anglais / Français


Brumée, secteur 9, parcelle 46 [Petit]

Description du logement

Faewood Institute


Prenez contact avec les membres de ce groupe en vue de le rejoindre !

Profil du recruteur

Membre du groupe

Natsuki ShinshokuMateus (Crystal)

Natsuki is a character created by an author who is currently going for their Bachelors of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. They use Final Fantasy XIV as a method of exercise and self-improvement in the interim out of genuine love for the storytelling style and the art of writing in general. Unsatisfied with the selection of Free Companies available, they decided to rope together a few friends and create the missing niche of authors. Colloquially, they hope to provide a productive environment for creativity and above all a good, thematic, lore-inspired story.



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