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Recrutement - The Temporal Sword



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#Amateurs de jeu de rôle
#Débutants bienvenus
#Événements joueurs
#Étudiants bienvenus
Lali-ho! Saturn here from Malboro's finest FC conglomerate, <SWORD>! We are open to recruitment to all players from Viera to Hrothgar, Lalafell to Hyur! We are comprised of 6 sister FCs throughout Malboro, and hold at 600+ members! Our names are The Mortal Sword, The Immortal Sword, The Eternal Sword, The Temporal Sword, The Fallen Sword, and The Astral Sword. We also own and operate an eatery named SWORD Café. We serve HQ tinctures & food to Raiders, Crafters, and Gatherers alike. Our sprouts can come to enjoy a bite with a menu for leveling food as well as listen to live music. Other freebies are handed out at booths such as Fashion Report Kits, Master Crafter Book Kits, Crafting Levekits, and more!

Why you should join:
Some of the Events we host:
- Weekly Learning Parties - Raiding, Extremes, Mount Farms!
- Glam Contests
- Trivia
- Hide n Seek
- Hunt Trains
- Guild hosted Statics
- RP Events
- Raffles & Prize Giveaways (Mogstation & Gil)

Some of Our Benefits:
- Biggest guild on Malboro!
- We have daily events!
- Rank 30 FC with 2 buffs daily on a rotation!
- One of the most active Discords out there!
- Genuinely nice and friendly people!
- LGBTQ-Friendly!

How do I apply?:
It's easy! Simply message me, Saturn Return in game, or you can apply at one of these 5 guild locations in game if I'm not around. Friend me on Discord with any questions you may have --- Saturn#5426

Our locations are below:
- The Mortal Sword : Plot 30, 18th Ward - Shirogane
- The Immortal Sword: Plot 35, 17th Ward - Mist
- The Eternal Sword: Plot 28, 14th Ward - The Lavender Beds
- The Temporal Sword: Plot 45, 14th Ward - Mist
- The Fallen Sword: Plot 60, 23 Ward, The Goblet
-The Astral Sword Plot 35, 23 Ward, The Goblet

Free Company Website:
Free Company Twitch:
Free Company Discord:
Please note: If joining the Discord before the Free Company, you will be unable to see all the member-only channels, but feel free to reach out to ask someone about joining :)

Profil du groupe










Brumée, secteur 14, parcelle 45 [Grand]

Description du logement

Destiny of the Sword


Prenez contact avec les membres de ce groupe en vue de le rejoindre !

Profil du recruteur

Membre du groupe

Saturn TemporalMalboro (Crystal)

How Do I Apply?
It's easy! Simply message me, Saturn Temporal in game, or you can apply at one of these 6 guild locations in game if I'm not around. Friend me on Discord with any questions you may have --- Saturn#5426

Our locations are below:
- The Mortal Sword : Plot 30, 18th Ward - Shirogane
- The Immortal Sword: Plot 35, 17th Ward - Mist
- The Eternal Sword: Plot 28, 14th Ward - The Lavender Beds
- The Temporal Sword: Plot 45, 14th Ward - Mist
-The Fallen Sword: Plot 60, 23 Ward, The Goblet
-The Astral Sword: Plot 35, 23 Ward, The Goblet

Free Company Website:
Free Company Twitch:
Free Company Discord:
Please note: If joining the Discord before the Free Company, you will be unable to see all the member-only channels, but feel free to reach out to ask someone about joining :)



Sylphrena NahelMalboro (Crystal)

SWORD is a big reason I still actively play FFXIV, over the years (Been playing since Pre-HW) I have taken many breaks. There is always something going on and plenty of opportunities to make friends. Want to make money? Going a scheduled Map party or host one on your own! Just want to chill? Hang out in the FC yard and chat with many of the friendly members (Myself included). Everyone is so understanding and willing to help out if you need it. Not to mention the super friendly Officers.


Khemed ReinMalboro (Crystal)

SWORD has been my home for over 2.5 years now. I never really joined a guild type setting in any mmorpg i have played, which might be why I stopped playing most of them. I randomly decided to respond to a recruitment message and to give an FC a try and felt like I found my home in ff14 ever since. The community is so nice and amazing, it made me want to contribute in anyway I could. They encouraged me to try my ideas in making minigames for the FC and we still offer them today 2 years running!


Membre du groupe Mishan WrathclawMalboro (Crystal)

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." – Coretta Scott King
I see in Temporal Sword, these words. Are they just words? No. This is thought shared for all of us. The Sword Alliance; Mortal, Immortal, Eternal, Temporal, and Fallen is a singularly unique experience. While each of these FCs are quite individual in their makeup and character, they do create a unifying feeling of accomplishment for each and all of their members. Join us!


Tofa WelunMalboro (Crystal)

I joined SWORD the same day I bought the game after giving the free trial a chance. I've been in guilds in several MMO's but I have never felt at home quite like I do at Sword. It's been just over a year since I've been with Sword and I really feel like I found a family in them. We have a very diverse and active discord where all of our 5 sister FC's can come together and hang out and help each other. Everyone is very helpful and we all love our new sprouts. Come join and make lifelong friends!


Decterous XegraMalboro (Crystal)

Every MMO that I play I would normally stop fairly soon after reaching end game, but a fun and active Guild really makes an MMO refreshing and more fun to play. SWORD has been the best group of people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I may have only been active in SWORD for 6 Months now, but I've loved every minute of it. Come join me in raids, mount farms, enjoying music and fun at the Sword Café, and my favorite of things, Shenanigans at the Golden Saucer. Come be my friend!


Saturn FallenMalboro (Crystal)

Aw thank you all for the wonderful comments! ♥


Perry PenningtonMalboro (Crystal)

SWORD is a wonderful community. I was recruited as a lowly level 17 Warrior questing in the deserts of Thanalan. At the time, I was a Lalafel and looked like a small purple trashcan in my armor. Saturn recruited me and I was so impressed by the leadership of the FC that I knew I wanted to try and work hard to make a difference and help in any way I could. My first FC event was the Lala Flash Mob (which was hilarious) but I later fell in love with the monthly Glam Contests and Raiding. Join us!


Bolin BearMalboro (Crystal)

Howdy! Bolin Bear here! I've been with Sword since Mid-2019. They were the ones who got me into maps, raiding, mount farms, and just had a fantastic presence and organized leadership. I do not regret for one second for joining, I can't imagine a family better than this one, and we really are happy to have everyone in our guild. LGBT+ are all welcome here, and players of all kinds.


Membre du groupe Banana PantsMalboro (Crystal)

I first joined The Mortal Sword 2 years ago then joined The Temporal Sword later on. And during my time in both FC's I was shocked and amazed by the friendly community, The amount of events for all members to join and enjoy and the leadership of Saturn and her Officers. I consider The SWORD FC's to be the best community in Malboro and even Crystal


Tek KnoeMalboro (Crystal)

My names Tek Knoe, and this is my favorite FC on the datacenter. Seriously though, I've been a party of SWORD for almost two years now and I've never been part of a community like this in a MMO. The people are great, and there's is always something to do. From maps to mounts to monthly special events I promise there is something for you! If you like a smaller community, we've got you, you want a group a little more geared towards raiding? we've got you. Come give us a try!


Membre du groupe Apollo TomyrisMalboro (Crystal)

SWORD is truly more than just an online community, it is a family. Being a refugee from the Primal Datacenter, these folks made me feel more at home and are truly a wonderful group of people to interact with. Saturn is more than just the leader, she is a friend and truly wonderful person to talk to. Please don't hesitate to join, I know you won't regret it!

P.S. I bring cookies to all the new members, too, and who doesn't love cookies? :)


Skartisu OmniMalboro (Crystal)

MMO's are great but being apart of a great FC/Guild is what really completes these games..... Sword is all that and more. I've never been apart of anything as large/organized/fun/helpful in my gaming life ever... not even close. I dont know why anyone would join any other FC! there is always an adventure awaiting for any type of gameplay you enjoy. Sword is a game changer for me. I pray you become apart of our family, we will not dissapoint!


Eagle FortZalera (Crystal)

I've been playing FFXIV since ARR and have been in a few FCs over the years. They were great but nothing like SWORD. One day was doing a FATE alone and A SWORD member just happened by and helped me out. After that I showed up at one of their many FC events and requested an invite and they took me in with open arms. This community has been ridiculously friendly and helpful. Something is always going on like mount farming, cafe events, deep dungeons, mini games, and more! Come check it out!


Khemed ReinMalboro (Crystal)

I remember serving you food before you were officially a member :) So happy you decided to join!

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Membre du groupe Morti'mer LessecondMalboro (Crystal)

Sword has many, MANY events for late-game players, but even as a newcomer to FFXIV I'm so pleasantly surprised to see non-SB weekly events! While MSQ-ing, I love to chill and participate in the community organized minigames. Finding an NPC here, wandering at a specific place there, and the (dreaded) parkour course...not to mention, Human Darts (aka Mount Mayhem?!) There is always something to look forward to every week, and you can help too! You're welcome to join for fun, food, and gil!


Membre du groupe Ayame MochizukiMalboro (Crystal)

I am a lone wolf player in MMO's, I really didn't want to associate myself with guilds as I felt that guilds usually have clicks and big ego where I have to match it. and honestly I did not have time for those and just wanted to have fun. I got and invite for this guild and I was blindsided by the kindness and humility that was given. I tried so hard to find and excuse to leave but what I did not expect was finding my home here. Don't take it from me though. Find out for yourself

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Brea MoonwhisperMalboro (Crystal)

Sword is everything a guild/FC should be and more. Each guild is like it’s own family and we’re all one big extended family. We do events together with all 5 FCs and it’s always a blast. Everyone is friendly, helpful, and supportive! I like this game a lot but I love this FC even more!


Saturn MortalMalboro (Crystal)

You guys are amazing and I love you all! Ty for your kind words and love!


Membre du groupe Mishan WrathclawMalboro (Crystal)

Greetings folks. Tis, I your friendly Miqo'te here. Just wanted to continue what i started earlier. Temporal Sword is the type of FC you come back to and experience with a smile. I rarely log out of game without a smile and something positive to remember. As a member, you are never forced into taking part in activities or groups without asking first. I assure you as well that groups in our FC are quality even if challenging, you learn and laugh all at the same time. We are NOT elitist. Come join

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Mrow'li BajhiriMalboro (Crystal)

I've been playing MMOs for about 20 years now (Good lord I'm old! Note to self: existential crisis later). But Temporal Sword has been my favorite community I've ever had the privilege of being a part of. They're friendly, welcoming and always a great time to be around. They throw events to a ludicrous extent and are pretty much always happy to help with whatever you need. They have rp, raid, mount farming, costume contests and more. I couldn't ask for a nicer group of oddballs.


Saturn EternalMalboro (Crystal)

Three year anniversary is this month!! Woo!!!


Bolin BearMalboro (Crystal)

Feel free to ask any questions to an officer, and any of the links posted above for more information about our guild!


Riyo KisaragiMalboro (Crystal)

Actually transferred servers just to be part of this FC after doing some research. Been here a week and I love it! It's super organized, there are events going on all day everyday and the community is super helpful and kind. SWORD is the FC to be in!! <3


-- -- ----

Hey Sword, Im actually coming back to the game after a long break, and then another break from having surgery, so I'm typing this on my old character as my new character wont be available for another day on the lodestone, but I wanna say I'm so impressed with the website and this ad, and everything you offer. I'll definitely be checking out the twitch and discord, and definitely want to join as soon as I can.


Dairyu GenkanMalboro (Crystal)

i would like to join this team...the comments are awesome and an awesome community


Woogie BoogieMalboro (Crystal)

Can I join ? New to the game just upgraded from a free trail!


Saturn MortalMalboro (Crystal)

How Do I Apply?
It's easy! Simply message me, Saturn Return in game, or you can apply at one of these 5 guild locations in game if I'm not around. Friend me on Discord with any questions you may have --- Saturn#5426


Membre du groupe Althania IlraythnarMalboro (Crystal)

I found Sword through the community finder around six months ago. I was looking for both a friendly, and active FC and to be honest, it's kind of hard to put into words just how much Sword exceeded my expectations. There's something here for everyone, and I've made more friends in six months here than in 16 years of other FC's and other MMOs.

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