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A Story: Ch 5 Part 2 THE END

(Please look here for the rest of the story bits: )
Rated M for Maybe it did get a bit spicy...

Babette regained her senses and with a animal-like sound, launched herself back towards Gaius. He grabbed a discarded metal roof plate from the ground next to him, and deflected her blows as she fought to land a hit upon him. Trapping her arm underneath one of his, he hit her elbow with the heel of his opposite hand. Pain rocketed through her from shoulder to fingertip, and her fingers lost their strength. Disarmed by one, Babette advanced on him, a flurry of kicks and punches as well as one-handed swipes and stabs of her remaining blade. They were back in the house when he managed to land an open-palmed blow to her sternum, sending her sliding across the room once more. She lost grip on her remaining dagger as she slid across the floor, using her hand to slow her slide so she wouldn't repeat crashing through the wall.
Crying out in frustration, she ran at him again, only for him to catch her by her clothing at her collarbone. He lifted her into the air, his own face contorted into a feral look that matched her own. Babette was not a tall Viera, and her feet dangled as he lifted her high above his head.
“That. Is. ENOUGH.” he snarled. Babette gripped his wrist with her hands, and with some effort brought her legs up and wrapped them around his shoulder. She pulled with all of her might, trying to dislocate his arm. With another angry sound he swung her around, slamming her as hard as he could upon the desk, shattering it. The blow knocked the wind out of Babette, and she unwillingly released him.
They both panted heavily as the sawdust from the broken desk puffed up in a cloud around them and then slowly settled. Blood had seeped into Gaius' clean bandages, staining them red. He still held tight to her clothing, pinning her into the splinters of the desk. Putting all of his strength into throwing her against he desk had brought him to a crouch when it collapsed, bringing their bodies much closer than either had intended.
“Give it up woman, you've lost.” he panted, his voice little more than a growl. She had her eyes shut as she tried to catch her breath. When she opened them after a moment, she gave him a look that one could almost mistaken for longing, and Gaius' expression softened. The kami had judged him through her blades. The entire fight, while she tried her damnedest to take his life, he had not laid one fatal, or even heavily wounding blow upon her. Everything was defensive. The Black Wolf was gone; the man remained, and she no longer felt shame.
“I am not a thing to be discarded.” she said, her own voice soft and heady. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him closer to her. Gaius lowered his face to hers, the air between them suddenly dense. The sound of Severa clearing her throat caused the moment to scatter like a startled school of fish, and Gaius pulled away from Babette.
“Are we....interrupting something?” she asked, a coy smile cracking her face in two. Valdeaulin scoffed from where he stood next to her, shutting his eyes and folding his arms across his chest. Gaius stood, and offered a hand towards Babette. She blushed as she met his eyes, and allowed herself to be pulled up.
“No...I uh...I believe we've gotten it out of our system.” Gaius said, picking one of her daggers up from the floor and handing it back to her. A blush high on her cheeks, Babette averted her gaze and took the blade, suddenly looking like a bashful maiden rather than a bloodthirsty ninja that just moments ago was trying to murder someone.
“Somehow I doubt that.” Valdeaulin muttered under his breath. Severa snorted in suppressed laughter, her eyes glittering. Shifting his stance he looked between Babette and Gaius. “So. Now what do we do with her?” he asked, distrust still apparent in every fiber of his being. Babette fired a sharp glare in his direction, not appreciating being talked around as if she were not there. He will be the first to die...she thought, narrowing her eyes.
Gaius thought for a moment, then looked at her. “Well...we could use the skills of a shinobi, I think. Most in our group don't have the level of reconnaissance skill that a Doman-trained ninja would benefit our cause...” she met his gaze, her eyes large. Was he...asking her to be his shinobi? “What say you, Babette?” he gave her the slightest of smiles, her cheeks warming in response. Without hesitation, she opened her mouth...

The next morning the outskirts of the village lay silent. A layer of snow had fallen over everything, covering any signs that there had been life there mere hours before.

Sitting on a balcony of an abandoned guard tower, Babette scanned the horizon, one leg dangling over the side of the railing and swinging in the empty air. She finished the apple she'd been eating while she watched for conflict, and licked her fingertips clean before putting her gloves back on. Movement below caught her eye, and she chuckled as her new companions finally caught up to her.
“How does she move that fast? She looks as if she's been waiting for us for hours!” Dyson panted, pausing for a moment to look up at her. Being more academically inclined, he found the walking portion of their treks particularly taxing, especially when burdened with a rucksack filled with books. (He just couldn't leave them behind when he saw them...he'd never read these particular novels before...)
“Mystical ninja skills.” the Highlander said, waving his arms in an imitation of what he thought mudra were. Babette had merely knocked him out before, but since he'd still been asleep when she'd done it, he had no recollection of it. He mourned the loss of her daggers, however, and had spent the first leg of the journey whining loudly about it.
Gaius met her gaze and smiled, his head jerking to the side in the barest of movements, inviting her along. Standing up, Babette brushed her clothes off, and without hesitation leapt from the tower, and towards her future.


Thank you for taking the time to read it. I have a few more Babette stories floating around in my head so I may write them again. I don't know if I'll clog up the lodestone with any additional prose, but I'll see how I feel when the time comes.
If you enjoyed the story, I thank you.
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