Rancer Omancer

Jenova (Aether)

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Re-awoken and Confused

Hear... Feel... Think...

Hear... Feel... Think...

Hear... Feel... Think...

I do not remember anything prior to waking up to those three words. There I laid in the middle city with many verdant trees, and with people gathering around me. My first instinct is to stand up and defend myself but alas my body wouldn't cooperate.

Men in uniform approached my direction. I can only presume it was from the commotion that I caused. I fully expected to be arrested and put into a holding cell for causing a ruckus, but that did not happen. They seemed to know of me and is glad to find me laying there, yet I do not recognize them or my surroundings.

"Rancer Omancer, 'Tis good to have you back. People have been searching for you since your disappearance."

My first reaction was to tell them that I am not him. I don't know who he is and to be honest that name is more suited for a Tarutaru in one of many Bards' Tale about a place called Vana'diel. No Hyur parents would name their child that.

That's when I drew a blank and was silent. I could not tell them my name. Before I can refute their claim, my stomach growled like the Seven Hells. With a quick check of my pockets, I suddenly found myself without any gil.

I kept quiet, nodded, and said "I am hungry"

They took me to a nearby inn, the Carline Canopy. The owner, Mother Miounne, gave me hug, a room, and told me food will be brought to me shortly thereafter.

So here I am laying on this soft bed. Too full in the stomach to move, and too frustrated trying to remember anything prior to waking up. Perhaps a good nights rest will jolt my memories. Either way I will confess that I am not who they claim me to be, and repay them back. That shouldn't be too hard to do, the levemete seemed to have many tasks for me to do. I'm sure I can find something that I am capable of. For now I rest. For tomorrow is a new day. If only the others know how true that statement is to me.

If you find this letter, that means I have paid off my debts and left the city. I wish I could offer you further explanations but I also must find out for myself and I feel that I cannot accomplish task being held here and watched over constantly. The only clue right now is a name you have mistaken me for. Please don't try to find me, I don't want to complicate things. I do not want this thirst for the many questions that I have, be impeded by city guards. If you agree to my terms, I will return when I am satisfied with my answers and share them with you. If not, then you shall never see me again.

-Occupant of room 9
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Vlka Zver

Ultros (Primal)

No, no, no. Those were some cruel parents to name you that! ;P

I think I'll call you Nine.
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