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Impeccable Improvised Impression

Here I was working hard all year, can't even take time off to visit Costa del Sol. I earned a lot of Gil selling my crafted gear, bartering, and selling rare treasures that I find along my way to repay my debts. I even caught the eye of an entrepreneur, who heard my story and invested gil on me so that I can finally take a break in the sunny warm beaches of Costa del Sol. Bless your soul, Mr. Sable Noir.

That's the good part about getting a lot attention, but it also attracted some unwanted attention as well. I seemed to have caught the eyes of local tax collectors and they wanted to make sure the city they work for gets their coffers filled. Unknowingly to me, they followed me home to my master's place. They immediately demanded the tax payment for my master's recent influx of income. As always master is globetrotting around in adventures and making a bigger name for himself.

Just my luck, I have spent all my gil on replacing few of my master's lost treasures, reinvestments of the business, and groceries for the month. Why does this always happen to me? The timing of it all is horrible. Althyk, god of time, why have you forsaken me.

The tax collector weren't going to leave without collecting their gil, but I explained to them my gil situation. They compromised by drawing up a legally binding contract promising to pay the owed taxes within a month's time. Here's the catch, they wanted the estate owner to sign it. They must get back to the city either with a signed contract or they repossess some of treasures as payment. Most of the treasure are rare and irreplaceable and I wasn't going to let that happen.

By luck, or sheer desperation, I remembered about a potion my master uses so that he can sneak away after a performance, the Phial of Fantasia. I acted quickly and drank the potion in the other room so they can't see me changing. It tasted like rolanberry wine, and within a minute I look just like my master. Impeccable improvised impression a success, I would say.

I signed it, and as they left they reminded me that they will be back with chocobo cart expecting payment or they will take everything. Another potential disaster avoided thanks to my quick thinking.

A few hours has past and I was expecting to change back to my Lalafell form. When master uses it, he but only change for a few minutes. I retrieved the empty phial to read the label. "Dosage: 2 droplets per hour and no more than 3 times per day. Permanent change may happen if dosage is exceeded. Do not use if pregnant or allergic to rolanberries". I dropped the empty phial on floor in shock. Not only have I used up a valuable potion and gotten myself in another debt, I might have to get new wardrobe for myself if I don't change back soon. /panic
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