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The Pleiades. A set of Cyberpunk themed Glamours

Hello all, I've created and showcased a set of Cyberpunk-themed glamours in my Second Glamour Report blog, but I wanted them to have their own entry, so here we are. (The EC Links for these are in the headers). This is gonna be shorter than usual.

The Pleiades glams were created out of a desire to create more Futuristic themed glamours and tend to have a similar look, using the Late Allgan Bodysuits (Armor/Coat and Bottoms), Diamond Shoes and Omega Circlets across the board (bar Healing due using the Replica High Allagan one instead), as well as Omega or 2B gloves. Likewise I used the Scaevan weapons for the screenshots It's also gonna be for my opinions of the source outfit these so basically most of the Omega Sets, the Late Allagan sets and the 2B cosplay outfit.

The names of the sets derived from the Pleiades star cluster and the individual sisters.

Merope: Healing

Maia: Scouting

Sterope: Fending

Celenao: Maiming

Electra: Casting

Taygete: Striking

Alcyone: Aiming

Thoughts on the source outfits/gearsets

The Late Allagan gear was the result of a Gear Design contest for melee, thus the Striking, Maiming and Scouting Jobs have access to the most accurate models, a rather sleek design. Fending and Aiming have more "Heavy Armor" models and Healing and Casting seem less like Robots and more like "Combat Medics" (though the Healing Cap means that it was more of a downplaying then an outright replacement for them)

The Alphascape Savage Gear seems to be rather interesting, as metal is not usually seen on jackets and coats and the image of Omega lends a unique flavor. I just wish they didn't give Healers a cap and went with a Circlet like the other roles.

The 2B outfit is also an interesting design, as somewhat of a YoHRa uniform of sorts, as the aesthetic is used for all of their ranks and is also the basis of the Dark Apocalypse raid gear. I had considered other options, but they wound up either too bulky, hard to get (I had the coffer before thinking up these outfits) or otherwise didn't fit what I was trying to go for.

The Diamond gear from Deltascape Savage seems very distinct, and probably meant to be reminiscent of VI considering the theme of the bosses there. Fortunately the shoes have a simialr design for the sot part (only Tanks and DRG get a different design natch) which suits my purposes well, and I might use the boots as filler on future glams.

I originally used the Gordian Crowns for the Caster and Healer variants, as they happened to match each other and weren't hats or helmets, but I find Gordias and Alexander gear in general to be Steampunkish, however the aforementioned crowns and the Alexandrian thighboots are more adaptable to this. Nevertheless I eventually discovered and use the Replica High Allagan Healing Circlet instead and with the Healer headgear squared away I also used the Omega Casting Eye Mask as well.

While I'm not much of a fan of Scaevan armor, the weapons are another story. Designed by Nero (hence the name) in yet another bid to One-up Cid, the Scaevan gear is the best gear of Stormblood besides Omega, and the Weapons are among the better looking technological-looking ones.

How I took the screenshots

I went with appropriately Allagan locations for snapshots. First up being Azys Lla's Flag ship, specifically one of the Triad related parts. Those used the Chakrams, Gunblade, Books, and Tonfas. At a much later time, I decided to take more pictures of these in T4 (which was basically a glorified elevator), in which case the Orrey, Hangar, Blade, Axe, and Bow were used. Naturally with Scouting and Maiming being a monopoly, The Lance and Daggers were used in both instances. With 5.4's new feature's around the corner I might consider a third wave of snapshots at the Twinning using the Sword/Shield, Gun, Rod, and Cane (and Tonfas, Lance and Daggers again) and maybe the Greatsword as well. I'll update this blog when I do.

For some of the first wave and most of the second wave I thought to use the Wet attire effect to make the shiny parts shinier. This will likely continue through the third wave.

And now we reached the end of my Blog about the Pleiades. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

UPDATE: I finally got around to using the new Explorer Mode Feature and covered the last of the Scavean weapons @ the Twinning
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