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Turning 25


As my journey in Eorzea continue... So does my life as well. I’m turning 25 in a month.

That was a screenshot I had back 7 years ago back in ARR.

I was a tiny lalafell.. I think I was 18 years old back in that picture. I was still living in North America and its server. With one of mu earliest free company called <AFK> with a leader from UK.

7 years in Final Fantasy eh? Just wow. Wonder how long am I going to play this game.

I never thought or ever guess that this 2020 would have a disease outbreak. Some people thought it almost like an apocalypse. The end of the world.

Anyway... I am definitely a lot less energetic than the past year.. I guess because I am getting older... And maybe wiser? Hopefully.

I also seems to be... Less interested in socializing.. Or maybe because of the pandemic? I just feel like.. I am not as cheerful as when I was slightly younger. Less outgoing than before.. And less interested becoming “popular” or making many friends like before... I think. I still try whenever it fits the moment, just a bit less extrovert than past years.. I think.

I try not to be a boring adult though. And seeing my brother with his first baby... I guess another sign I am getting older.

Sadly as I grew older I can’t seem to find anyone I would like to settle down with. Can’t seem to see anyone in mind. Though I also see plenty of my friends who also hasn’t settle down yet.

It’s not that I’m not ready, but I can’t seem to find a man that I see as a match. Someone who I could see a future with. So far it’s just bunch of mehh...

I wonder how much longer is the pandemic? How much longer am I going to live? Just how much longer ? Everything seems a mystery...

Me right now seems just counting down time when the self isolation going to end..

So I can continue doing the next thing after this outbreak.

I sure grow a lot.. Look at my avatar 7 years ago.. I was 18 years old in that screen shot. I think I just graduated high school when I first started FFXIV.

Never knew I would play this long. Lol..

First clear ⤴️ of T9 back in ARR.. lol.

I have definitely come to a long journey.. From Famrit server ➡️ Excalibur ➡️ Famrit ➡️ Excalibur ➡️ Tonberry
I also made several alt that I don’t really play in Levisthan, Diabolos, and other places..

I thought I wanted to move back to legacy server again...

But you know what.. Lol I think I’m just going to stay in Tonberry.. Just lazy to spend anymore money.. Beside the time zone is just fits my current location better than in North American server, I think.
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Serena Sable

Louisoix (Chaos)

If it makes you feel better, I was 30 years old when I started playing. Go lower than that if I were to count closed beta 1.0.

/joke wanna try a 37yr old divorced american with all kinds of problems? Lol /joke
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