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The Herald of Halone

In the distant world of Thedas, one was chosen by the Divine Andraste to decide the Fate of all. From the Inquisitor's actions depends salvation of mayhem.
Now Eorzea experiences the same torments as Chaos invades its lands. And then Halone choose her Herald.

“For almost a thousand years, the world believed it was in the hands of the Twelve. And now many believe you are the agent of Their will. Whatever the truth is, that belief gives you power.”
― Mother Vivienne
Commentaires (5)

Hailey Scarlet

Lamia (Primal)

just finished it the story isn't bad but be sure to finish a lot of sidequests and go dragon hunting :)

Mithril Aether

Shiva (Light)

I'll do so! ^^ This game is awesome that far. So I hope I'll keep enjoying it until the very end. :D

Bret Hart

Famfrit (Primal)

I bought Dragon Age Inquisition when it first came out around a year ago. Played it for bit then went back to playing this game. Haven't touched it since.

Mithril Aether

Shiva (Light)

Same for me. FFXIV demands so much time investment for it is an MMO that I've barely touched Inquisition since I bought it D-One. Went back to it lately and I can't hide my hype about the story! :D

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

DA:I is awesome.
i havnt tried any of the new dlc..maybe i'll wait till GOTY edition when its all included and re-buy the game lol
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