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Kweh! Racing and Companion chocobos maxxed out


Finally did it. Both chocobos done. My companion chocobo is rank 20 after much grinding at an amazing grind spot, and too many thavnairian onion purchases.

Giving my companion a little makeover to celebrate reaching his max & his features are turning to soot black as the night goes on.

My only wish is that SquareEnix coughs up the chocobo feet for the suit in the picture. I know the feet exist because Voyce (sp?) wore them in the Sylph beast tribe quest cutscene.

This pairs with my racing chocobo who took way too much work to get parents that breed perfect grade 9 chocobos.

And screw the 2.5k races for the "Veteran Jockey" title. Screw that! 500+ races was way too much already.

Oh yeah! About a week ago I finished all of the ARR beast tribes, got this weird mask and everything.

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