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The Worst Lalafell I've Met

Let me recant the story of the worst Tank, so far, that I've had the displeasure of running a dungeon with...

This ridonkulous Lalafell, who I guess in their defense was still a sprout, had the worst pulls I've ever seen, only pulling about 2-3 mobs at a time as we went through Brayflox Longstop for the first time. This was bearable until the Doinkler and I realized that this cretin somehow knew the limit break existed.

Let me tell you, this munchkin wasted our limit break TWICE as a tank, using it when it wasn't needed and as soon as it became available (as if he was watching the damn bar in anticipation). Once I saw him throw this away a second time, I made it my mission to use the last limit break asap. This would fall perfectly in time with fighting the boss. Oh boy. The boss fight.

You know how the game conveniently tells you that you need to move the boss out of the poison or he will heal? Yeah, it took this Lalafell tank about 3 minutes to understand that, even after having the Doinkler explain this in chat. -_-

And so after we got the boss out of the puddles, I sat in wait (still doing my Summoner dps of course) to use my limit break. I knew that if given the chance, this idiot would use a tank limit break a third time for no good reason other than using it. Like I understand being new to the game and only wanting to pull a couple of trash mobs at a time, but the fact that he knew about the limit break and used it sparingly rose a few question marks, like...

* If he is new, how would he know about limit breaks without looking it up?
* If he looked it up, why would he use a useless limit break for no reason and at the worst possible times?
* If he knew about limit breaks, why didn't he know that he'd be able to pull more than a couple of mobs at once?

And finally,

* If he had the time to look up info about LBs, why didn't he spend time looking up how stupid Lalafells look and choose a much better looking race?

So eventually I was able to use my LB, saving everyone from having yet another wall buff pop up in our faces. I received no good loot from this dungeon, and I cant even say I made friends along the way.

Overall, this dungeon run was probably the most annoying thing I've done in this game to date and I felt that this needed to be gotten of my chest and documented so I can remember exactly why my hatred for Lalafells deepened further than it had already been.
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Peach Pine

Famfrit (Primal)

Hello, you must be worn out. I've met the guy like that too. He didn't understand that LB was OURS.

He thought LB was an individual skill and didn't realized it was different until his friends pointed out to him. LB is set in hotbars from the start. So people who don't read the description don't know that it's common property. I'm sure the guy was the worst lalafell, but if it happens to you again, why don't you tell the guy "LB is ours"
I hope that you will be enjoyed FF14 with good members :)
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