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The Cowardly Player

In hindsight I realize I am not much of an MMO player. I did play WoW, and a few others, but overall I've been on a hiatus for years and years. I think the last MMO I played was Tera when it first came out, but it didn't end up appealing to me. I really weight a lot on community, and overall game play. Also I like a good story, so if the story is waylaid too much I tend to leave the game entirely. So far FFXIV has not failed to impress. I'm told that I am at the “worst” of it too.

I must have played some really low quality story telling MMOs because I find ARR to already be light years ahead of much of what I have played. I think that is what keeps me coming back for more, and playing for long periods of time. The players also for the most part seem okay with my interest in the story even being patient enough to watch cinematic as I do. I've encountered one instance where they didn't, but overall that isn't the case.

So why in the world have I titled this “cowardly player” that is because when it comes to MMOs I am indeed a cowardly player. I'll explain: I stick to DPS usually and don't really venture into healing or tanking. I feel it has quite a responsibility to keep the party alive, or keep the party going. I have attempted to heal in FFXIV, but only easy dungeons so far. That is a pretty big step considering I never bothered before. The fact that summoner and scholar are linked caused my little “dabbling” in healing.

When I see the mechanics of the harder dungeons I wonder how in the world do these people keep up with healing? How in the world do they dodge mechanics and heal at the same time? To be honest I am really impressed with their skills. I find myself intimidated by the whole affair. So just like in MMOs before I shy away from healing.

Tanking is another thing I shy from, simply because of the role of protecting the entire party. I'd really hate fail and harm come to the other players, and while I fathom this is a good mindset, my brain takes it to a whole new level. I already have a pretty stressful life, so anything that adds to it makes it pretty unappealing. So I tend to stick to DPSing though I really like Gunbreaker being a fan of Squall, and the spiffy Imperial Legion characters wielding gunblades. I've always been fascinated with gunblades since I first saw it in a pirate program. Or was it Once Upon a Time in China? I can't remember, but it's somewhere around the 90s when I first saw it.

Then comes along Squall with his, and that sort of sealed the deal in regards to my interest. Anyway, I felt like I could dabble in tanking too... Then I see the more elaborate dungeons and I question myself. Especially now that I am running Crystal Tower. My goodness, maybe I am old, but that is a lot of flare and flash for me to really know what is going on. As my dragoon I just set my head down and hit enemies. If I see adds I hit them too. I do notice a kind of “blindness” if I am not given a heads up on some mechanics that I can't figure out right away. That blindness has led to my death a few times in Crystal Tower.

So just as in any other MMOs I avoid healing and tanking. Other games I don't have that fear, because I could die again and again. It is just me playing after all. When it comes to others counting on me I sort of shun away like a coward. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Will that ever change? I don't know, maybe... Anyway my internet is back up and I can copy and paste this into my blog. Time to put my head down and take on the “World of Darkness”
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Kekeshu Keshu

Ragnarok (Chaos)

Interesting read
I am looking forward to trying out healing, so far i have only done DPS

Edwin Imair

Goblin (Crystal)

Thanks! I wish you the best! I was told it's like a totally different game when you heal. I'll be rooting for you!
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