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Everything is so green!

So, suddenly, there I was, in a carriage! A carriage pulled by some... Well, some of those animals that are in these places, where the only dog ​​that I have seen is my current minion and it is still not very clear to me that it is a real one.
Anyway, there I was, with two guys completely ignoring me and a man giving me conversation that I skillfully complemented with precise movements of my head... And we arrived! We arrived in New Gridania!

It's all so green, so pretty, so... uphill. Because in this place, even the downhills are uphills!
The first person I meet was a tall guy, like a tower, although they all seem that way to me, given the average height of my race... Well, I got there, after a hard carriage trip, some would say that half naked, but the typical clothes of the miqo'tes are like that [wink], and I have to show that I am what I say I am.
Sure, with my level 1 I wasn't going to be a problem, but hey, I was immediately adopted by a huge woman, and before I could realize, I was wandering around here and there.
I went to my guild! Oh! What a cute place! It's dug out of a tree and it's all gloomy and dark and... Well, it could use some light and courtains... And flowers! I want flowers!

Anyway, I got there and a woman tells me if I could go to give I-don't-know-what to I-don't-know-who at I-don't-know-where... And I said: no! I already have ONE quest! LOL! To think that now I cannot see them all on the list because I have always so many... In the end I did that one too and a hundred more and now I know everyone everywhere... But not their names, because I have no time to read them and no one has given me flowers! Although everyone started giving me clothes, e-ve-ry-one, and I started to think my cute miqo'te starting gear wasn't very appreciate here, so I choose new ones and keep didn't change them until I started to receive damage even from the clouds!

How many things to learn and what little time!

I'll keep you posted on my trip, dears!

Kisses, Venkers!
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