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About Me!

I am Il'donia Sidhe, Daughter of Miyuki and Gelsheir Sidhe. I am only 19 years old, but I am beginning my life of exploration in this wide and wonderful world... However... it's a bit lonely. My family sent me to Eorzea, saying that it would be much safer for me there. I miss them dearly...

Oh, less about the sad thing, more about who I am!

I am of the Au-Ra people, more specifically the Raen. My parents have described how I look, but, I can only go off of what they have told me. I was unfortunately born without sight. Unable to see my surroundings, I have had to find my way around with other means, mainly my sight cane.

From what my parents have told me, I have purple hair, almost that of lilacs and my scales, horns, and tail are a beautiful ivory white that almost matches my eyes.

The other children would try to make fun of me in the village, but I didn't let it bother me. Instead I just saw my lack of sight as a gift. Being able to hear things others could not... being able to smell things better as well.

Where was I again?... Oh! Right! Me. Sorry, I tend to be a little bit of a scatter brain some days!

Like I said before, my parents sent me to Eorzea to learn how to become a member of the conjurer's guild. The had been speaking with Brother E-Sumi-Yan, the Guildmaster, about me and my natural talent to communicate with the air sprites and how to get a feel for the land even without sight.

As I have this recorded in this device my parents gave me, I am just crossing the border into Eorzea. Gridania is still quite a ways away from here from what the chocobo wagon driver says, but I am still so excited.

I wonder who I will meet there and where my journeys will take me. I don't care. As long as it is someone nice and let's me come along with them wherever they go!

For now... *yawn*... I think that I am going to sleep. My next entry will be when I arrive in Gridania. Until then, sleep tight.
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