Mitran Cusen

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Lamia (Primal)

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Race / Ethnie / Sexe

Peuple des Plaines / ♂

Date de naissance

2e soleil de la 5e lune astrale


Thaliak, l'Érudit

Cité de départ


Grande compagnie

L'ordre des Deux Vipères / Lieutenant

Compagnie libre

Tavern Brawlers



Attributs offensifs

Coups nets2461

Attributs défensifs

Défense magique6057

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Attributs magiques

Magie offensive5249
Magie curative374



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The pile of books kept growing by the hour. Scrolls, torn pages, dictionaries... It’s like there’s a second library on the table. The Lalafell keeps changing shelves, rapidly browsing every single book he comes across, and brings to the table whatever he wants to study further.

Noloic approaches the table with three books in hand, and notices the astonishing amount of paper gathered: «O-oi, Mit! Are you the hell serious?!» «Damn serious!» the Lalafell answers: «There’s just so much information to be gathered... A lifespan wouldn’t be enough!» «I-I noticed...» The lalafellin boy gets back to the table with yet another tome in hand, reading: «This one’s interesting, too! Did you know that armadillos are seldom caught with their stones and-» «Wait, what’s an armadillo?» «Like I knew! But they seem pretty weird creatures, according to the picture.» Mitran shows the friend a picture of an armadillo in the book: «See? Aren’t they funny?» «Uh.. yes, kinda... But why are you reading those? I thought we only needed to gather informations about this world in general...» «Well, yes, but, you know, the more you know...» the auri boy sighs, distractily glancing at the pile of books the friend gathered on the table, and notices some weird ones: «Uh...? What’s this? ... “101 Ways to Synthesize Ale”?» «Ah, well-» «And this? “Tales of Two Dogs”?» «Ah, yes, yes, that-» «“Holmgang Her Heart”?! What the hell, Mit!» «I-I swear, all of these have inter-» Enesha approaches Mitran from behind, slapping his head while shushing him: «It’s a library, noisy brat!»

«Ene, please, make this madness stop...» Noloic asks the girl, downhearted «Oh come now, Nol, don’t be rude. Mit’s doing his best to-» she notices “Holmgang Her Heart” on the table and an awkward moment of silence follows.
«No! I mean, yes! But no! It’s not like you think!» the Lalafell tries to explain, but the girl sighs: «I thought you loved me even after all these years...» «I-I still do but that’s not the point now! Can we please focus on the.. er.. serious books in the pile?!» the auri boy and the hyuran girl look each other and smile, shrugging: «It’s our Mitran.» the unison of the sentence brings a chuckle to the two.

The three spend the rest of the day discussing and studying the new, strange world in which they landed.
«Alright, I believe we covered pretty much everything. I’ll need to study a couple of tomes more. I gotta check another section in the meantime, can you please borrow them home for me?» «Sure!» Enesha answers, while Mitran browses among the pile and passes six books to her before running back into yet another corridor of the library.
Noloic and Enesha get up and start walking toward the exit: «... There’s “Holmgang Her Heart” in between those books, is there not?» the boy asks «... Yes, there is...» the girl answers, sighing, closing her eyes then smiling afterwards: «I appreciate the thought anyway.» the boy chuckles yet again: «It’s great to be together again.»
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