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写真撮影 Photography

写真撮影 Photography📸

I’ve tried taking photos as a hobby before but got bored quickly. I didn’t have anything I wanna take a picture of. People who enjoy something else like cooking, traveling or clothes may get crazy about photography.

Eorzea has so many beautiful models and motifs! In addition, traveling around with teleport is easy. I'll practice taking Screenshots and become a photo lover this time. On a side note, my character in the first pictures uses "slap" emote. Why is she smiling?
 エフェクト使用 using effects
 アパートスタジオで in my apartment studio
外 outdoors

 ルックブックのようなものを作ってみたりも出来ちゃいますね。 I can make a fashion LOOKBOOK.

When I wanted to take pictures in the same settings repeatedly in grouppose, the setting save function was helpful.

※今回学んで使った英語フレーズ English phrases I learned and used
★on a side note ・・・「ちなみに、ついでに言うと、ちょっとメモ付けすると」
★get crazy about ~ ・・・「~に夢中になる」※be crazy about ~ ・・・「~に夢中である」
★in the same settings ・・・「同じ設定で」
 英語勉強中なので文法ミスや不自然な言い回しがあるかもしれません。前置詞や冠詞は未だに迷いますね。練習あるのみですね。I'm still learning English. You may find some grammar mistakes or unusual expressions in the above blog. Prepositions and articles always confuse me. I need to practice it more. Bye!
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