R'lyeh Azem

Chasseuse vétérane inlassable

Behemoth (Primal)

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Revelations (Part 2)


Revelations (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

He turned his gaze toward her, his icy blue eyes glinting orange in the light of the fires around them, and he smiled. “My friend!” he exclaimed, “I had not thought to meet you again here...” His brow furrowed. “Why are you here?”
She blinked a few times in surprise. “I would ask the same of you. Why are you here?”
“This is my dream. It's a dream I've had for as long as I can remember... night after night. I suppose you could say it has become an inspiration lately.”
She recalled Fandaniel's claims that he intended to encore the End of Days and she shivered. “So your rabid dog proclaimed.” she said, “But no. This is my dream. My torment. My penance. My home. You don't belong here.”
“What an odd things to say.” he said. He turned fully toward her, eyes narrowing. She felt, rather than saw, him use the resonance. He saw her then as Emet-Selch had seen her before their final meeting, and as Elidibus had briefly seen her on the tower overlooking the gardens. “Ah,” he drawled. “And here I had thought you merely the Champion of the Savages. Who are you? What are you?” He took a step forward and reached for her, but was immediately blinded by a towering radiance unlike any he'd ever encountered. He drew back as though burned.
A high-pitched screech filled the air, followed by a familiar voice, “Time to go, my sapling!”

R'lyeh bolted upright on the bed in her room at the Crystarium, casting about in all directions, heart fluttering in her chest, a blacksmith's hammer resounding in her head. “It was just a dream,” she breathed. “It was just a dream...”
A manic pixie suddenly flew into her face and buzzed round and round her head until it became dizzy and fell into her lap. “Stupid, foolish sapling! It was not just a dream! Now he knows!”
She up-righted the worried pixie. “He doesn't even know what he knows.” she said, but nonetheless, a stone settled heavily into her stomach.

Zenos awoke on the imperial throne, as he so often did, while the Ascian hound flounced about as usual. He mulled over the lingering images from his dream, including the brilliance that blinded him and sent him reeling, ignoring Fandaniel's usual prancing monologue. At last he raised his eyes to meet those of the other and said, “Tell me what you know of those from before the End who did not become Ascians.”
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