Daunthir Rune

Malboro (Crystal)

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Race / Ethnie / Sexe

Ao Ra
Xaela / ♀

Date de naissance

18e soleil de la 5e lune astrale


Nymeia, la Fileuse

Cité de départ


Grande compagnie

L'ordre des Deux Vipères / Sergent-major

Compagnie libre

Ivory Saga



Attributs offensifs

Coups nets68

Attributs défensifs

Défense magique55

Attributs physiques


Attributs magiques

Magie offensive16
Magie curative16



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Among her people Daunthir was referred to as being "Born of Azim and blessed by Nhaama". Though the subtleties of the Xaelan dialect cast some doubt on what "blessed" means in this context. She grew up among her people as a curiosity. Small for a boy, and big for a girl. The elders and midwives declared her gender male at birth and on her nameday she was given a boy's name "Daunthir". Still, as adolescence approached, she didn't grow as rapidly as other Xaelan boys her age and yet, had outgrown most of the girls. it led to an awkward few years as her body never quite adjusted. To assist in evening out her growth, her family employed the services of an Apothecary that, while expensive, provided the alchemical compounds which guided Daunthir's physical development towards becoming a woman.

Then, the Calamaty struck. The Age was brought to a violent end. And the memories of all people were.. suppressed. Her family's fortunes suffered like so many others throughout the Azim steppe. The end of Daunthir's adolescense was spent in nomadic wanderings as the tribal warlords of the Xaela fought often meaningless wars for prestige. When she came of age, Daunthir gathered her few belongings and left the Azim steppe for a brighter opportunity.

Daunthir had a small amount of her medicinal compound left, but not enough. She was still recovering from the fog of stolen remembrances when she arrived in the larger realm of Eorzea and Gridania to find her fortune.

Daunthir spends a great number of Gil, more than she could possibly earn as an adventurer to maintain her supply of the compound she uses daily. To earn this amount of money, she sells her services as a scribe and tutor of letters to the wealthy and prosperous (Daunthir always had a talent for calligraphy). A small amount of good fortune has crossed her path with her very public heroics in defense of the Guardian Tree. Being declared a Hero by Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna makes her services quite lucrative for those seeking to gather greater social standing in Court. Furthermore, the stipend afforded a Personal Envoy for the Elder Seedseer makes up for the revenue lost travelling among the City States of the Alliance.
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