Vanea Tia

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Gilgamesh (Aether)

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Vanea Tia

Vanea Tia is a 25 year old Seeker of the Sun. His mother was from Thanalan and his father was a Doman refugee, both of whom died when he was young leaving him to fend for himself in the streets of Ul'dah. He doesn't know which Miqo'te tribe his mother hailed from. He was taken in by an unofficial Ul'dahn branch of the rogues guild who taught him the art of thievery and combat. He never went to school, and didn't learn to read until he was about 14.

Being raised like that, Vanea is deeply sympathetic towards the Doman and Ala Mhigan refugees. He offers whatever aid he can provide to refugees in Ul'dah, and likes to play with the Doman kids in Mor Dhona. Some of the Doman children call him big brother.

Vanea tends to be a bit slow on the uptake, and is much more driven by emotions than logic. He has a strong sense of justice and refuses to stand by while others suffer. He values his friends above all else.

AGE: 25
GENDER: Male (He/Him)
LIKES: Sparring, Meeting People
DISLIKES: Water, Heights, Spiders
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