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Chapter 3: Halloween is almost here!

Hello everyone, so we are coming up on the halloween weekend, easily one of my favorite times of year where i can discover how many pieces of chocolate it takes before i go into a coma, but also because of costumes!

quick side note, i had not ever really been one for dressing up, tho i 100% did dress up as irvine from ff8 and in like.. the most broke way as possible when i was a kid, no photos tho, all evidence has been burned out of existence. BUT i mention this because when i was living in singapore with chelle, we would hit up the gaming conventions and dude, the outfits those people would make were astounding and incredible. truest of envy, 100%.

so, back to the matter at hand! in honor of such a great holiday of horrors, i am having my fc host a little fun show for a halloween cosplay event. has some cool prizes for those doing it, and it is mostly for the fun of it. if anyone wanted to come join us for the fun, it is a cosplay event, and you can have fun! it is at the goblet, ward 9 plot 49 on sargatanas, in the second floor theatre. and as always, you can check out the fc at, and have fun gaming!
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