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Chapter 2: It DOES exist!

Hello everyone. so, this is from a while ago, but in my mastery of the technology, i just discovered the way to take photos from my ps4 and get them onto my pc so i can make blog posts, and so long story short, i am sharing some of my memories of the game, starting with this dude. the mythical monster hunter mount item actually does drop in the fight as a reward, it just is stupid low chance to drop. but really, it does exist. only took me literally 80 runs to see it. you know, me literally already having bought my damn mount and all. at least it looks cool, even if i couldnt get into monster hunter, the rath is cool looking.

on a side note, if you are going tank farming for the tank mounts and titles, doing the rath fight is tip top. super easy, at 80 you can pretty much cruise thru it, simple dodging and take the stack attack by yourself even without cooldowns. totally worth it, should hit it up if you havent, really simple to do.

have fun out there gaming and always check out the fc i am leading at
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Elle Eyre

Sargatanas (Aether)

lol xD
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