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The Witch of Doma and The Dango loving Amnesiac

First here's the link to the beautiful artwork

"Oh this is going to be a long night."

This post is dedicated to one of the best antagonists I've ever got to see in a video game Yotsuyu. Now she may not be the no.1 best in 14 but damn she's close though.

Westward lies bleed t'ward the east
Wayward daughter, step into the night
Restless eyes, blind to the beast
Barren waters yield unto the tide.

What I love about her story and motivations for being a big gloomy meanie is that, it's an archetype that's very much done often in media, but SE still did it so well with her, I can't help but love her story.

She's someone who was dealt an unkind life and because of it, she walked unto the darker path for that's all she's known from the world, a world that offerd nothing but pain and suffering, and in return that was what she gave back to the world.

But what made her turn from a serviceable villain to a beloved one is definitely the post SB story. We got to see the story a continuation of her development as a character that and understand her more.

We saw how by the time she was an adult she thought herself as nothing more than a doll, to be looked at and toyed with by all, her family, her husband, the people of doma, garlemald and zenos. And when she felt the freedom to toy with the people of doma she toyed with them with pure malice.

But as tsuyu, we could see what it was like if the child we saw from the echo was dealt a better hand, to be cared for, to be loved, to finally be treated like a human being, not a doll, not a tool, not a monster but as a dango loving girl named tsuyu.

And we finally saw a part of yotsuyu we'd never got to see, a yotsuyu filled with grief, regret at the things she's done, guilty by the undeserving kindness she's been given. And finally an actress who played a role for her audience, retaining her image of tsuyu even after her memories returned and then returning to her old role of the witch of doma after realising that, doma needed a villain and she obliged and played the role.

Leading her to becoming Tsukuyomi a deity of the moon known for being beautiful and serene, believing in order and etiquette and would do anything to enforce it including murder which in itself is against the etiquette tsukuyomi enforces and was the reason tsukuyomi was estranged by amaterasu and the heavens.

"Perhaps. But it is too late for me, There can be no redemption. A nightbloom shall flower here upon the site of my demise."

This is just me overly reaching out but I felt like by the end, she knew she was going to die, she knew she was manipulated by asahi, she knew she had no chance of winning. She was going to die either by the warrior of light, by asahi or even Doma. But at least she would die on her terms.

Flower waiting to be plucked, Each petal a promise torn. Shorn one by one and cast to the winds, I gave unto them my all.....all..

No....No more!
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