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An Adventurer’s Record—Limsa Lominsa

Hear. Feel. Think.
These words came to me in a dream while on the ship bound for Eorzea. With it was an image of a figure robed in black. Little did I know that dream was foreshadowing the road my life would take. That was the first time I heard Hydaelyn’s voice, and my first glimpse of Lahabrea.
Aside from that dream—chalked up at the time to mere aether sickness—and a brief run-in with some pirates, my trip was rather uneventful. Just a chatty merchant talking my ear off. He asked me why I took up adventuring. I considered the common reasons: fame, wealth, power. Honestly, I just wanted to help people. The Garlean invasion and the Calamity had left so many people alone and struggling that I only wanted to help them. I parted ways with the man upon our arrival.
What were my first impressions of Limsa Lominsa? Crowded. It seems just about every adventurer in the world comes to this city. Thankfully they tend to confine themselves to the plaza and the markets, so I’m not shouldering my way through throngs on every street; regardless, I prefer to avoid those places as much as possible these days.
The citizens were much as I expected from the little research I had done on the place. A city founded by pirates, who proudly upheld their legacy, though they did try to establish some manner of law. There certainly was no want for work in that place. I earned gil doing everything from filling oil lamps to culling wharf rats and ladybugs to tracking down a stolen shipment of spirits. (And learning a merry step dance in the process!)
The proprietor of the Adventurer’s Guild/The Drowning Wench (ridiculous name for an inn, I must say) is Baderon. A good enough sort, though with a sailor’s mouth and an accent so heavy it sounds like he swallows every other syllable. He helped me find some real work, and also pointed me to the Arcanists’ Guild. Ah, those early days of carbuncles! What simple times. But I may recount those in another entry.
The work Baderon found for me happened to lead me in the path of an Ascian, the first of many I have encountered in my journey. It also led me to meet Y’shtola, and find a Crystal of light. Upon receiving it, I beheld my first vision of the Echo, and also heard Hydaelyn speak directly to me. How naive I was then, I listened to her with rapt attention. Yet how long has it been since she last said anything to me? Knowing now exactly what she is, I am uncertain whether I should be worried or relieved by her silence.
My work for Baderon also had me assist the crew of the Maelstrom, Limsa’s Grand Company. For the services I rendered, Admiral Merlwyb invited me to attend a banquet she was holding for certain dignitaries. The oddest thing about that dinner was that my invitation wasn’t enough. Everyone insisted I wear the perfect dress shoes! Really? Shoes? Not a gown or a suit. Just the shoes...I am still astounded by the absurdity after all this time.
Either way, having garnered the respect and attention of the city’s own leader, I proceeded to thoroughly embarrass myself at the banquet by passing out in the middle of a conversation with the admiral. In my defense, it was due to a particularly long and detailed Echo vision, but regardless, I feel I did not leave the best of impressions on her guests. At least Merlwyb herself seemed to take no offense. On the contrary, she requested I act as her emissary to the other Eorzean nations in inviting them to hold a memorial on the fifth anniversary of the Calamity. In assigning me such a role, she also granted me an airship pass so I could travel unhindered throughout the realm.
Such were my humble beginnings as the Warrior of Light.
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