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Crystalline Tools and surroundings

So, after several hours of grinding, the feat is done:

Splendorous Tools: Crystalline step complete!

If we exclude the huge gathering chore for the Rarefied Draughts required to obtain the White Crafter’s Scrips needed to buy the Tools themselves and the Select Materials, and we don’t consider the fact I used Custom Deliveries to buy the DoL Tools and Select Baits, an average of 2 hours per Tool has been spent, which sums up for a total of around 22 hours of pure grind to achieve the goal… Maybe a couple hours more if anything. Basically a whole day of pure playtime to get them all.
But now, they’re all mine, and, I must say, their additional effects aren’t to be scoffed at, especially DoL’s.
I at first didn’t know they had such effects, aside for the additional GPs and the fact you can’t meld Materias, but now that I do know of them, I still think they’re a little inferior to Indagators, obviously, but the loss is extremely negligible, and since they’re gonna be BiS by the time.. 6.45? 6.55? (I don’t recall) comes out, they’re definitely worth both obtaining and using alike.

This aside, my Manderville Weapons farming, too, is almost done: I now am sitting at 840ish Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy, and only missing Summoner’s, Black Mage’s and Sage’s. If my calculations aren’t wrong, I should be done by monday, unless I run some random, additional Expert roulettes tomorrow just so I can finish faster… I might be tempted to, not gonna lie. I’m kinda sick of having my blacklist to grow by the day. Already 150 players since today… *sigh*
As mentioned before, static-wise, we now should be spending the static’s raid nights in trying at getting some practice done on Ultimates, UCoB in our case, and have everyone farming BiS and mount at their hearts’ content during the rest of the week.
Problem is, some aren’t exactly happy with this, and would rather stick on farming P8S until everyone has BiS for the raiding Job and their mounts.
We also had a missing member on thursday, and the selfsame player was supposedly banned from the game until wednesday, which completely threw this week’s reclear down the pipe, since the rando we had to PF on thursday was mentally lost and we just couldn’t even pass Fourfold reliably… So now we are in the discussion mood in the group. Let’s see how it’ll turn out, because I feel 6.38 will be quite important for the team, even if they don’t know/realize it just yet. The foundations for 6.4 will be laid this month and half ahead of us.

Today I wanted to start something that is gonna take me a huge amount of time which I prefer to dilute as much as possible since I don’t like it too much: I started Palace of the Dead solo with Warrior, for two reasons: one, farming Aetherpool Grips with which to create the Kinna Greatsword I’d like to use as Glamour; two, clearing the whole damn thing and get the Achievement and Title, of course.
Problem is… The run I did was a disaster. I literally triggered 21 traps in 9 floors (never happened so many times in my whole life), then died to a Landmine in Floor 13. What the fuck, game, are you fucking serious?

Well, today wasn’t the day to start, so I just gave up for the day and decided to give it another go another time.
One of the many ongoing things I still have is my Paladin’s Relic Weapon: I currently am on the Infusion step, but didn’t check how to actually do it since last time I reached this point after the absolute time sink Books were. Today, I wanted to actually inform myself on what I had to do for the remaining points and… Gods above, are you fucking serious?! I’m not going to spend millions of Gil for those bullshit of Relics! I’m down for any sort of grind, really, but spending all those Gils to buy random Materias to throw at them and items to try at getting lucky with Desynthesis? I’m not really sure I want to do that, and I’ll probably just leave the Relics at it, for now, and get back at them should I be bored and rich in the future, and rather go on with the Anima ones first, or start Eureka altogether.
Finally, I came up with my Bard’s Glamour, although I’m still unsure about the accessories and boots, not to mention the colors… But it doesn’t look too bad as of now. I shall be posting more soon, stay tuned!
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