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Let routine take over

Now that weekend came, I’m ready to pick back from where I’ve left off when landing on Primal.
... This said, I’ve spent half the evening trying to compose a decent glamour for DoW resulting in my total bankrupt (I have 46’382 Gil).

I like the result though. Nothing fancy, but it works out.

After all roulettes on Mitran, I also did Enesha’s but Frontline (no way someone would be queueing up for that at such late hour), plus Pixie Tribe Quests with BRD, which now, thanks to roulettes, is LV78, while the fucking, shitty, disgraceful WHM is finally LV80. See you in Forespoken, bitch.

I noticed I’m almost done with leveling all Jobs to LV80 too! The ones remaining are:
• BRD LV78;
• BLM LV76;
• MCH LV76;

According to Enesha’s preference, the leveling order would be BRD ➡️ MCH ➡️ SCH/SMN ➡️ BLM, so I’ll stick with it. I suppose I’ll have to do some Tru- oh fuck, that’s true, I also still have Trust characters to level up! And a Squadron to start leveling! And the Wondrous Tails to receive! And.. oh gods, too fucking many bloody things to do! But no matter, entering E9S will be my priority for the weekend, meaning I should start crafting Maiming, Fending, Aiming and Casting Exarchic gear... Which will take quite a while. I also hope not to find a braindead and/or salty group to learn it with. I just want to have fun and a thrill...

A thing I noticed is that I’m less nervous when I speak loud my thoughts IRL.. weird thing. But if I wanted to stay calm in high-end content (feat which I’m yet to achieve) I must do so... I guess it’s time to seem a madman. ... Or maybe I can just VC with someone so I can have some sort of excuse...
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