Enesha Melwalx

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Zodiark (Light)

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Race / Ethnie / Sexe

Hyuroise / ♀

Date de naissance

25e soleil de la 4e lune astrale


Nymeia, la Fileuse

Cité de départ

Limsa Lominsa

Grande compagnie

Le Maelstrom / Lieutenante

Compagnie libre

Furie di Eorzea

Équipe JcJ




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Coups nets2860

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Défense magique4759

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Magie offensive292
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«You never change...» the girl reaches for the auri boy, leaning on a tree, watching the sun setting at the horizon behind the mountains, before turning his head to her «... Do you, Nol?» she smiles at him, before the both turn their attention to the sun once again.
«... I guess.» Noloic smiles: «You knew I was here, didn’t you?»
«Well,» she replies: «let’s just say I know you enough to be able to decipher your apparently sudden disappearances. Hehe.» she chuckles, before warmly ask him: «Is anything on your mind?»
Noloic takes some moments before shaking his head: «Nah. I just...» he stops for a while, before keep explaining: «At times, I like to take some time for myself.»

The two stay silent for some seconds, before the hyuran girl finally speaks again: «We can scarcely believe this... Can we?» «... Indeed.» Enesha sits down: «I don’t know about you, but...» she closes her eyes and smiles: «I couldn’t be happier right now. To see you and Mit again... It’s like a dream coming true.» the boy smiles and sits down beside her short after: «I feel the same, Ene.» he puts his arm around her shoulders and brings her next to him.
«You know...» she says, after some time, with a sad smile: «We... Really missed you, Nol.» the boy lowers the head, watching the ground with a serious expression. Enesha tries to soothe him up: «I-I know I’m probably repeating myself, b-but I just.. I just want to-» «I know. But...» Noloic stands up again, watching the horizon: «I don’t deserve this.» «Nol...» «It’s the truth. Or have you forgotten everything I’ve done already?»

Another awkward moment of silence, broken by the boy: «... I’m sorry, Ene. For everything.» the girl smiles at him, shaking her head: «You didn’t mean bad, Nol. You never wanted it to happen.» she gazes the distance once again: «Everything you’ve done... You did it for us. And...» the girl smiles at him: «I actually am happy... To know you still loved us so.»
The boy sadly looks down, and Enesha notices the troubled friend. She calls for him, patting the ground, so that he sits down beside her once more, and Noloic does. The girl stands up and goes behind her friend, hugging him with a warm smile and closed eyes: «We love you Nol. We’ll always be at your side, no matter what.» the boy sheds a tear, immediately wiping it away as he stands up again, grabbing her friend’s legs while pulling her up, surprising her: «O-oi! W-what are you doing?! You’re way taller now, have you forgotten?!» «Taller?» he smirks: «It’s you who is shorter.» «I didn’t recall you to be so mean, you know?» she gently slaps his head, while the two laugh.
«Thank you, Ene.» he says, smiling, after some time. The girl strokes his hair with a warm smile before speaking again: «So, how about we return to Ul’Dah now? Mit’s probably starving.» Noloic turns his head to the setting sun once again, now almost completely hidden by the mountains and nods, smiling.
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