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Indignation FC House is Ready for All Saints' Wake

Indignation's FC House has been decorated for for All Saints' Wake!

I love how there are so many cool housing decorations for this event, it really allows for a seasonal transformation of the house.

On the first floor you will find the lobby/seating area where you can enjoy a snack by the indoor garden (behind the paper partition) or sit with a spooky book below the loft or on it. You may also visit any of the FC member rooms (my room is a nice stop if interested in spooky decor ). Down stairs you'll find a small bathroom, kitchen, bar, and a loft area above the kitchen where you can enjoy some television or read by the window.

If you are on the primal data center, come by, say hello, and take some screenshots with the new decor!

Excalibur|Goblet|Ward 10|Plot 46

UPDATE: The decorations are gone and we've since moved plots!
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