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Wow, its been a year since ive started playing?

Dang! Its already been almost a year? I only just found out about this blog feature but I really wish I had kept track of my progress on here. Anyways, its been a full year and ehhh one month? A lot of stuff has happened and im shocked ive actually stuck around for this long. Usually the game becoms stale at this time and I hop off to find another game id enjoy. But I really made my home here. Its nice finally having a game to always come back to and relax on. After coming from Destiny 2 I always had the issue of being able to trust a games vision and direction but seeing as ive started playing FFXI and FFVIII as well ive put full trust into the development of FFXIV. And even if we end up getting another expansion like Stormblood it will always be milllleeeessss better than anything Destiny 2 has ever put out. Im so glad I accidentally came across this game and decided to buy it.

Im also so thankful that I accidentally decided to buy a story skip when I first got the game. ikik 'why am I thankful for a story skip?' Well its because if it werent for that I wouldnt have accidentally changed servers and found my home on Lamia. I was originally starting in out in uhh, Aether I think? Ya, lets go with Aether. And if it werent for me switching to Lamia I wouldve never met my FC and my housing and savage raiding friends. I really think that if it werent for that hiccup from the start I wouldnt be here today still playing and being addicted to this game. I really feel like ive found a second home ingame.

AAAAA thats enough talking for now im in ZOOM classes right now typing this so ill stop.

byebye o/
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