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3/26/2023 The true power of Video Games

Ive been thinking alot lately. Real life is hard, and its easy to be drowned out by all of the negativity that surrounds us as people every day. Its easy to get trapped in a spiral of darkness that seems impossible to get out of. Things like stress over being able to take care of your family, Lonelyness, Self esteem, Loss of purpose, and even things that might be subconciously happening like loss of identity all of it (many of it beyond the physical) can help push us as people down paths to one day cause us to become our own real life villan weather it be to ourself or people we love.

Sometimes we try to hide from the stresses of the world and the stresses of ourselves (i know i did not to long ago) and because of that ive been thinking alot. Its really easy to dismiss videogames as something to distract us from the darkness that the real world may or may not bring us, just some... But as i've gotten older ive realized video games have inspired so much of my life, specifically the characters from these games, to the point where my real life inspiration and rolemodel is a videogame character.

Using the final fantasy series itself Is an example its easy to dismiss the story of FF9 to just be about beating up a crazy person who wanted to use trance and ultima to destroy the world, but its so much more than that, its was about a man who was fighting against a fear alot of us have, the fear of death, but it was also about a man who was so use to following orders that when his orders fought against his own morals he had no idea how to deal with the situation having never made a decision of his own before hand, it was about a free spirit who believed helping people was his lifes purpose but also found it hard to accept help from others. FF8 was about lonelyness and fear of getting close to someone because you might lose that person one day, it wasnt just about a crazy evil sorceress, and ff7 was about more then just a crazy ex soldier, it was about a person who innitially didnt care about anyone or anything who was afraid to admit his failures so he hid behind the mask of someone else who, and eventually learned to care. Even outside of final fantasy, skies of arcadia was about a main character who believed nothing was impossible even when others around him would tell him diffrent, Persona 4 was about accepting the real you and fighting to allow it to come to the surface rather than hiding behind a confortable lie that ultimately made you unhappy. Shadow Hearts was about a crude heroe who tried to fight back the idea of dieing being his way out, Even something like baten kaitos showed the consequenses of sacrificing who you are to chase something that might be right in your face destructive to you.

Again its easy to write these types of stories off as just something to do with our hands, and something surface level, after all the overall story of most of these games is "big bad guy go and beat them" but i really do believe these kind of stories are the new age equivalent of the old fairy storys that would be read to teach life lessons. Things like, never give up, its ok to need help, its okay to be flawd, helping others is good, working together, its okay to be afraid, its okay to learn. Maybe I only believe this because I strongly believe i am where i am today because of some of these characters and the lessons theyve taught me. Back when my life was not hard it would have been easy to give up and let all of the problems, the loneliness, the fear of not having a purpose, the fear of not going anywhere in my life.. It would have been easier to let it all crush me under its massive globe 199. It wouldave been easy to become a nihalist, a pessamist, a misanthrope, someone who wollows in all of the sorrows but the one thing all of these stories have in common is the determination of the main characters to want to push through the impossible odds.

A very wise character once said "impossible is something people say to make them feel better when they quit" and that phrase has stuck with me it made me realise back then that you only truely lose when you give up, and the happiness i have now, as wierd as it feels to say outloud i owe alot of it to the games ive played throughout the years. the characters ive met in them have made me who i am today and i am eternally greatful to the writers of all of the brillant and even the not so brilliant rpgs ive played in my life.

Ultimately, i hope when people play Games they love, they take more away from it then just the achievement that pops up on the screen, because i really do feel like the stories and characters in these games can help improve our lives as people.
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