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Petty determination

It's one of those days again--tension in the air, and everyone running about like startled chocobos.

Actually, a correction--not everyone--just the others that walk the same life path as me.

It's how I know, even with a silent linkshell, that news has arrived at the Rising Stones. That there are things to be done, enemies to fight, glory to be had....or something to that effect.

And with that knowledge, I have....picked up the rod.

Horribly counter-intuitive, isn't it? But seeing so many people running about, moving in unspoken unity, while being clueless to why they're going where they're going, it's....

I don't like knowing the events of my life in advance, I guess. It won't let me change anything, anyway, so there's nothing to gain from it.

So until my linkshell calls me, I'll feign obliviousness--master the rod, work on my new anima, help with Eureka's progress....anything else, really. Might check on Anogg and Konogg, though, or the Weapon pilot status.....but otherwise it's time to get my gear in order and make sure I don't leave behind any loose ends.
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